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  1. I have the same problem. My AP often crashes when opening raw files - basically the SW simply closes when any warning or error message. My AP version is, running on Win10 with 32MB RAM. I cannot find the path %AppData%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\CrashReports´╗┐ on my computer. Any solution? Thanks.
  2. Thank you for all your inputs. I'll see how far I can go. Good to know the hassle of using Windows Store to install SW. Most likely I will prevent from using it to purchase SW as much as possible.
  3. I bought and installed Affinity Photo through Windows store. This approach did not install shortcut icon on desktop or gave me any copy of the software. When I tried to link it in Adobe Lightroom as an option for photo editing, I could not find the location of executable file of Affinity Photo. Could anybody tell me where I can locate the executable file of Affinity photo? Thanks.
  4. Recently, I experienced the problem that the Affinity Photo closes when opening raw files. I have to restart computer and then the problem goes away. The computer CPU is Intel i7, OS windows 10, 32GB Ram and 4GB graphic card. Any known cause for this problem?
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