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  1. I exported all the adjustments as LUT file "LUT 1.cube" and applied it to the original picture but as you can see it does NOT come out the same? Again am I doing something wrong? When you create a LUT does it save and transfer ALL the adjustments? (the pictures may be out of order) As of now, I am able to group all the desired adjustment layers and "Save as a document" Then when I want to apply the same adjustments I can open that "saved document" with the grouped layers, copy & paste to the new picture. This works, but it would be nice if the LUTs did for workflow purposes. Again thank you for taking the time to read and respond!
  2. Just tried that and it worked. I guess that will do for now! Hopefully they will update this. Thanks for such a quick response much appreciated!
  3. This is my first post I'm new to this forum. Ive tried and looked for hours to find out how to save all my adjustment layers to Preset(s). From my understanding you have to save each layer and label it. For example, adjusting and then saving the Vibrance as a preset and naming it. After saving each layer preset on my finished picture and labeling them, I opened up another photo, which I want to have the exact same adjustments. I clicked on all the custom layer adjustment presets I just made but the picture doesn't turn out the same in the end? Even though when I click on each preset (in the new photo that I want to look like the previous) it says its tweaked the same as the one I saved, but the photo still looks drastically different? Do all NOT adjustments transfer over? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way to do this? (and im not talking about the background people photoshopped out, im aware of that) THANK YOU for reading this, this is so frustrating and it makes me want to switch back to Lightroom. (the picture without people is the look i want, the picture with people is what happens when i click on all the saved presets for the finished picture)
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