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  1. Southwest_Visuals

    Affinity can't handle shadows...

    Wow, thanks for the huuuge answer! I'm kinda used to editing in photoshop and Lightroom, but never touch things as profiles and stuff. But I could follow your argumentation and I agree with you! At the moment I can't grasp whether the develop persona is meant to regulate the picture editing wise or in my personal style. So I don't know whether I should tweak the image so I can edit it afterwards (like making the image look "flat") or already go into the direction I want to head later. But I tried the live-filters! They work definitely better than the other filters! Thanks for the help guys! Cheers Max
  2. Southwest_Visuals

    Affinity can't handle shadows...

    Thanks for the effort Murfee! I really need to try this out! Looks better than my edit for sure! Yeah that's what I am experiencing too. Maybe they will fix the "dead slider space" in order to free more room to play instead of crushing those blacks at 20% Thanks for the help guys! Maybe someone else has a pro tip for us! Cheers
  3. Southwest_Visuals

    Affinity can't handle shadows...

    Thanks for the fast reply! BTW: I noticed I posted into the wrong forum. Could a moderator please move the thread? Yeah I noticed that the curves do a much better job. But still I'm frustrated that such a basic feature, which shouldn't be time consuming or hard to do in my opinion is not working like other softwares on the market I'm a huge fan of Affinity, but I need to find a solution for this problem or how I can work around it. I use curves for the moment but the general image doesn't just look as crisp... Maybe someone can give me insight on the technical sight? Cheers, Max
  4. Southwest_Visuals

    Affinity can't handle shadows...

    Hey Guys, I'm really frustrated.. I'm coming from car photography and my style was aways to shoot kinda underexposed and drag the shadows up, to get that moody feeling. When I was using Adobe products, there was absolutely no problem with that. But since I use Affinity, my photos are getting worse, because I'm struggling to get a clear image which is crisp. The image is always kinda washy and I can't bring the shadows back :( For reference 3 pictures: Original Photo, The one with the watermark is made in affinity and the other one is a 30s lightroom mobile edit, which came out better than the 3h Affinity edit... Thanks in advance! Max
  5. I got the same issue with Affinity Photo. I have a Sony A6300 and using the Raw Files. Whilst having Lightroom I had no issues shooting quiet underexposed and dragging the shadows back up, to get a certain mood into the picture. Altough I'm struggling to recover the shadows with Affinity Photo, since they crack up or sth like that. Anyway it doesn't look good.. How do you recover the shadows and blacks? In Develop Persona with Exposure or with shadows and highlights? Nothing seems to work to get the result lightroom would've brought me with pulling one slider to the right :/ Cheers, Max.