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Found 33 results

  1. Hi guys! I was working on some social media ads for a client and created a simple template for all major social media ad sizes including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat and Reddit. This is a simple file with art boards for all your ad designs. It could come in handy next time you need to create a simple promo banner or ad for a client. Cheers! Social Media Banner Ads.afdesign
  2. Hi, I bought a bookshelf and was hoping anyone could give me the proper dimensions on the Affinity Workbooks, I know they’re relatively the same in size and I would love to make them the focal point of my shelf. thanks in advance!
  3. Just in case anyone is interested, I was playing around and came up with these simple dimensioning objects (in the attached afdesign file). To use them accurately you will have to snap to the grid, they don’t have automatic measurements, and they don’t work in all situations, but they can be used for simple drawings without too much fuss (you can see them working in the GIF). You might need to adjust some elements in some copies of the objects to make your drawing look right but it’s not too difficult. You can change the “Dimensions” Text Style font to get a different look and you can change the “Dimensions” colour in the “Dimensioning” Palette to create a quick blueprint (see last attached image). affinity-dimension-lines.afdesign
  4. Hey there, I got an issue with designer when exporting some art boards. They tent to not have the same pixel amount as my art board. I have added a screenshot to show what I mean. This really bothers me and It would be great if you could fix this :) Thank you, Nushara
  5. Hi there. Just upgraded to Affinity Photo and found that the crop tool doesn't work as it did in previous versions. I need to create an "actual size" image of a 600 x 600px section of a larger image at 300dpi. This is to help show online customers who are buying prints of the image the kind of detail and resolution they can expect in the real world. Say the original image is 3000 x 9000px. In v1.7, when I set the Absolute Size to 600 x 600px, I'm just presented with a square crop, the full width of the image. This isn't an absolute size crop of 600 x 600px - it's just a 600:600 ratio. It then crops the section and resizes it to 600 x 600px, regardless of the size of the area selected on the original image. So if I select an area less than 600 x 600px on the original image, it then scales it up and interpolates it. All this means there's no apparent difference between using Absolute Size and using those dimensions as a crop ratio. As a result, I can no longer show the detail or quality of prints with any accuracy at all. Please can we have Absolute Size back? Thanks. Rob
  6. When creating a new document, you can setup the page dimensions. After creating the document it is possible to set the dimensions of the spread, I think it would be useful to have the option to set the dimensions on spread size while creating a new document. I noticed this because my book print lab only gives spread dimensions.
  7. Very necessary tool to indicate the size of the objects, similar to CorelDraw. As well as panels with information about the geometry of the current object: area, perimeter, curve length, etc.
  8. Everytime I try to rescale this document from 512x512 to 1024x1024, some lines ends up much thicker than they should. I Agree it is bit mess up, not very well organized document, but this should not be a problem I think. It looks like there is something with symbols. I work on Windows version, Designer ver. I attached a file for further investigation. emoji affinity designer resize document size mess up line width.afdesign
  9. I love the little dimension lines that pop up when you move a feature to show you how close/far the feature is from the edge of your document. This is a very small problem, but in close quarters, the handle you use to rotate the feature you are moving can obscure the dimension line.
  10. I have found bug which makes Export Persona totally useless when working with artboards with dimensions in milimeters. Slice dimensions are always pixels, so when exporting artboard/documents dimensions are transleted from mm to pixels and then again to milimeters. This process changes dimensions of final document (pdf). For example artboard 94,00 x 100,00 mm after exporting is 94,06 x 100,08 mm The only workaround which I found is using Export dialog. Artboard1.afdesign Artboard1.pdf
  11. Although I've been using AP and AD for some time now, I haven't really got to grips with absolute dimensions. I assume they are "in" there somwhere, but I haven't really found them, or how to control them. Today I wanted to share a few bathroom designs with a friend, and I knocked up a few using AD, and emailed them to him. However I had to guess the dimensions for my images. What I really wanted to do was to specify units (e.g. metres - today) and then to be able to put in absolute values for lengths in metres. What I got was OK, but it would have been better if I could have linked to units. Also some people might want to work in cm or mm, or even feet and inches. Maybe this is possible, but a search for "absolute dimensions in Affinity Designer" revealed a quite interesting video about how to use the pen and pencil tools in ways I did not know before, but did not address the dimension issue I was trying to find out about. Perhaps this information is in the Workbook(s) for AP and AD.
  12. Just thought I'd share this. I frequently have to add dimensions to my design work to communicate to developers the specifics of a layout. Currently, there isn't a feature to create these in AD, so I've cobbled together my own workaround version using constrained objects. The benefit is it's pretty easy to resize the dimension to match the size of the element being measured. The downside, you will still have to enter all the numeric dimension manually. Ugh! I know, but a quick check of the Transform module will tell you what size to enter. One other flaw with this system is it doesn't work so well with very small measurements. Anything below 10px vertical and 30px horizontal will have to be manually adjusted because of limitations to how constraints work. Just resize one to below these thresholds and you'll see what I mean. If you know to avoid this situation, please share. To help with this, I made some smaller measurements to get you started. One other item I added to the file is a dark and light overlay to help make the dimensions easier to read. Use the dark one on dark interfaces and the light on lighter ones. There are a couple examples included that illustrate how to use them. It may seem that the downsides outweigh the benefit, but if you have to have dimensions, then even the seemingly small benefit of easy resizing adds up to hours of time saved on large projects. Hopefully, you find this useful. dimensions_template.afdesign
  13. A dimensions tool to calculate, show, and scale objects(Similar to CAD), this feature is really useful, I hope someone agree.
  14. When I export Artboards as PDFs their size (and ratio) isn't matching what I've set in Affinity Designer when I open them in other programs (eg. Adobe Reader). For example, exporting a series of Artboards that are 8.5" x 11" appear to be closer to 11.5" x 14.5" when viewed at 100% in Adobe. I've tried exporting a single layer document with the above dimensions and get the same issue. Am I missing a setting somewhere??
  15. Hi again, here another Question has come up about a affinity Photo feature... in Photoshop by scaling or moving objects , i can scall objects by using % ore move them relatively or absolutely. Now how do i do this in the transform area ? Did i miss anything ? Can i transform a rectangular object for example relativeley to its positoin and also absolutely on the document, can i type in i want my rectangular get scalled up 150% ? and if so where do i find theses settings ? greetings, Tom
  16. In Affinity Photo (I expect this is the same for Designer), the Export Persona has a number of options for sizes in for the slices. For example, I can choose 1x or 2x, 100w, and other sizes. Nowhere can I say “export to a width of my choosing”. So I can’t scale an image to, say, 900px this way. If I go to File>Export, I can. However, as the Export persona seems to retain that data, AND I could technically get it to export more than one size per slice, I’d like to see custom dimensions in the export options in the Export Persona too, please.
  17. Hopefully, an illustration is also worth a thousand words: For any drawing used to construct or build an actual object: furniture specs, house floor plans, fences, back splash tile design, cabinetry, etc. I've used Intaglio for years specifically because it had a line dimension feature. Thank you for Designer and Photo. Waiting impatiently for Publisher. Then I'm free of you-know-who!
  18. Hi all! Im creating some new raster brushes for use in pixel persona, i'd like to know what your thoughts are on the best dimensions. So far i've been making my document dimensions 1000px by 1000px (300dpi), would you say this is big enough for everyone to be happy or should i make it bigger? thanks a bunch
  19. I'm switching from Sketch and still getting used to Affinity Designer. I wonder if there's an inspector panel that shows the dimensions & positions of the selected objects? Thanks inspector in Sketch:
  20. Hi, selecting part of an image, edit-copy, file-new from clipboard the crop of the image change original dimension/dpi, in fact If I copy the new part of the image and paste into original then is smaller.
  21. Dear Affinity team, it is part of my workflow to import vector graphics from the statistics program Graphpad Prism into Affinity designer. When I copy a given plot in Prism and paste it in Affinity the vector nature is preserved. However, I found that the size of the graph's components changed, e.g. a 0.5 pt line would end up being a 0.7 pt line and so forth. I found that when I set the document's dpi to 104 the dimensions seem to be preserved, but since I also work with raster images from other sources within the same document I don't want to switch back and forth changing the dpi for the document all the time. Am I missing an obvious solution so AD would paste vector graphics at a given size regardless of the document's dpi settings? Thanks for your help, -hubob
  22. I am currently trialling Affinity Designer and I like what I see however there does not seem to be many technical drawing tools - are there any plans to add auto-dimensioning or auto area labels? Similarly some intelligence for supporting the creation of basic electrical or pneumatic schematic diagrams? I am also interested in Autodesk Graphic (previously iDraw) mainly because it appears to have genuinely useful technical drawing tools although Affinity Designer certainly looks to be better suited to creative users.
  23. Has anyone of you used any CAD program? I had them in school (Pro/Desktop; Pro/Engineer; SolidWorks...) and I think it would help a lot with logo design the most if there was an option for adding visible dimensions. something like this https://btechecar.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/main-driving-sketch.png Also I would like to ask again is there support for 3d mouses like 3dconnexion products? :)
  24. I've found that when importing an Illustrator file which has a bleed, Affinity will interpret that bleed as the dimensions of the canvas and rescale everything inside to fit. So say I have a 210x99 document with a 3mm bleed all around, Affinity will read that file as 216x105 but still scale everything visible in the 210x99 window up to fit 216x105. This means checking my document sizes every time I import an Ai file. Ideally, Affinity would either ignore the 3mm bleed, or create a document with a 3mm bleed. Not the end of the world, and it may be down to how Illustrator presents the info within an Ai file, but I thought it was worth pointing out for the sake of polish.
  25. Thank you Affinity team for your two great apps (for now, can't wait for publisher)! I design sewing patterns and do some fashion flats illustration and would love to be able to complete my full workflow in Affinity Designer. To do so I need a line tool were I could import a specific measurement and have the line created to those specifications. It would also be great to be able to measure curves and the perimeter of shapes. Having units like mm, cm and inches would be awesome. There is a plugin for illustrator called Vector Scribe that a lot of sewing desgners use. If this feature becomes available I promise to spread the word amongst the fashion design community. I know a bunch of us can't wait to say goodbye to Adobe. I like what I see in Affinity. Can't wait for Artboards to become available.
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