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  1. The way that photoshop proceccing such comands are so as I expected. In Affinty the switch to look the aspect ratio has in a marco no function, that for me a bug and not a function.
  2. If the “Apply image” filter is recorded in a macro and as source a layer the opened image is used, the pixel of the layer were recorded and used as the source when the macro is played back. The layer is saved when the marco is recorded. I expected that the relative position of the layer will be used as the source from the open document, corresponding to the document when the macro was recorded. Version is , it is reproduceable on new documents.
  3. If the command "Change document size" is recorded in a macro and the lock for keep aspect ratio is activated and only one value is entered for one side, the following error occurs after the macro has been executed. The aspect ratio of the document is not preserved, the document is distorted. The error is that the dimensions of both sides are recorded and when applying the Macro only the two dimensions are used and "Maintain side ratio" is ignored. When recording the macros, only the user inputs may be saved and no Bucalculated values. The calculation of the second Side length must
  4. Hello walt.farrell. Sorry, you are right. I load both pictures by drag and drop from the explorer. The first picture in the background is a pixel layer. The second picture becomes a picture layer. After rasterise the picture laye,r the selection copy works. It would be nice when there was an option in the assistant to raster a picture layer if the user use such tools on picture layers, or give a feedback that insteed the seelction the complete layer will be copied.
  5. that are all pixel layers, no vector layers. I Load two pixel images. the behaviour ist the same on two comouters and with hardware exceleation one and off.
  6. If you use a layer with an object that has transparent pixels on the layer, like copied areas, then add a layer effect (fx) like gaussian blur, or another one, and then blend range do not work. If you reduce the layer effect to 0 % then the Blend range is active. When you change to only 1% the lend range is deactivated. Regrads erdi12
  7. If you have more than one layer and make a selection with a section tool select a layer copy (STRG+C) and Paste it (STRG+V) the complete layer will be copied. The expected behavior is that only the selected pixels will be copied on a new layer. If you use copy Flattened ist works as expected. Regards erdi12
  8. Smart Pages are Master Template Pages with the same named Master element on each page. This feature is described in the Publisher Workbook. In the case of Master Picture frames, for example the delivered file with the workbook, the placed pictures will be disproportionately resized in the picture frame after changing the Master Layout page. If you assign the master Page again or other master pages the distortion becomes more. Th expected behavior is, that the Pictures will be replaced with the method defined in the Master Picture Frames properties, normally with proportional scaling.
  9. Thanks, with the recomendetd export adjustment ist works.
  10. The export works well, but the import is the problem. The font has also unicode codes. Affinity change the codes during import.
  11. I create a demo file to show what happens. In the document "winding-step_1.afpub i create a textbox with the windings glyphs. Th wingings_step-1 show the PDF file, exported by publisher with the adjustment for printing The winding_step_2-Reimport shows the result by importing the PDF file above. The glyphs are completely different, some of some are not visible. if you check the fount, no warning an the font is recognized as Windings. winding_step_1.afpub winding_step_1.pdf winding_step_2-Reimport_PDF.afpub
  12. I found a bug after crating a document with some characters of the font "Winding" in a new document. After exporting the publisher file to pdf and reimport this PDF File in Publisher the characters of the Windings font are not visible. the characters of Windings are often used as Textboxes in formulars to choose an option. The behavior is reproduceable. Regards erdi12
  13. Hello Johnny, that is not what I meen, i like to adjust the rullers with a dimension like 1:100, 1 cm on the canvas is equal to 1m in real. I attached an example. Dimension_Example.afdesign
  14. It would be nice to adjust the rules with a scale, to draw for example floor plans in real dimension. The scale my be adjust free and with pre-assigned selections. A Tool which draws, illustrate the dimensions, and angels to would complete this request. Update: I attached an example Dimension_Example.afdesign
  15. If I enter a percentage scaling for with or high the input in the batch dialogue it would be ignored, no rescaling happened. If this feature ist not possible, i expect a feadback and not only a "done" after pressing OK.
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