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  1. The "New pattern layer from selection" command in a macro always inserts the pattern marked during recording and not the selected one from the current document. In the Marco, the command is also not differentiated from "New pattern layer". A paste from the current selection in the current document is expected.
  2. I added a screenshot. The problem is that the reference point of the rotation relative to the object is not recorded and taken into account. A pure rotation in the panel results in a rotation, a distortion and a displacement in the macro. (See screenshot). If this is applied to another object or document, the result is no longer a pure rotation. The relative pivot point selected in the Transformation panel must be recorded and taken into account when playing the macro. The same error also leads to the same behavior in the affine transformation filter if the layer was transformed before the filter was applied. The wrong coordinate system is then used.
  3. Function requirement: Please add the option to select a gradient from the color fields and save it there in the layer effects for the gradient overlay. Then it would be easy to reuse a gradient. I am aware of the option to save the style, but it saves all layer effects and fillings.
  4. The filter does not work if a transformation has been previously performed, nor with selected layers. I add two screenshots to show teh behavior
  5. The "affine transformation" filter does not distort a small object on a layer as expected. The entire layer and not the object is transformed. It is expected that only within the object is transformed and a rotation around the center takes place
  6. The transformation ist only a rotation. Rotation for example 15deg. No additanal calculation is used. And the Filter Distort with an small objekt on a layer ist not usefull.
  7. The Transform function uses the center point as the coordinates. If it is recorded as a macro, the upper left corner is used as the reference point. This means that when the macros are played with another file and a differently dimensioned object, a completely different transformation takes place. The reference point in the macro recording must also be the center point in order to correct the error.
  8. Please make the gradient fill on contours editable with the gradient tool just like it works with the solid fill.
  9. Please add the contour mode to the gradient fill, as is possible with the side effects. This would make it easy to create a frame around objects.
  10. I add an example file. The botton layer ist the basis ist it was duplicated 3 times. Midle layer shows teh sesult with the Filter Perlin Noise. the complete layer ist filled. The top Layer shows a workaround. Before adjust the filter a adition mask is added. It shows asl result the aspected behaviour of the filter in the middle layer. If you use filter add-Noise the behaviour is as espectected. Bug_Perlin_Noise_Filter.afphoto
  11. Sorry, i dont find a request to fill a curve with the pixel brush.
  12. And that is exactly the problem and not a feature.
  13. The filter Filters > Distort > Equations is much more complicated, than Change document size". I want to add an watermark , flatten the document and change it to fixed pixel length. The comand ist available in a macro, and it works not as the user aspected. If affinty want not fix the problem to use commands in a macro thy have to make the comand not available in a macro with a popup when the user try to use it. To recoment a workaround is nice, but dosend solve the general problem. The target must be to make Affinity better.
  14. In Affinty designer it is possible to fill a curve or contour with the last used vector brush. It would be a new useful feature to do this with paintbrushes in Affinty Photo as well. The option field in the contours is already there, but it currently has no function. Affinty Photo V., Windows
  15. In Affinity Photo it is possible to turn a curve into a selection or mask. The way back, converting a selection into a curve, is currently not possible. This would be my new requirement. Affinty Photo V., Windows
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