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  1. Migration of style settings is not working properly. Actions: create a shape; apply a style ; copy a style; create a new shape; paste style. Result: the style Settings on the new shape are different. Applies to all versions AD.
  2. Yes! That's it. When digital values are specified in the palette, you can quickly scroll through and select the desired values.
  3. Alas, not unnecessarily. There should be maximum visibility. Tooltip is of course good, but it's extra movement and extra time, which is usually not enough :)
  4. I want to see improvements for the panel swatches. It is very useful to see its numeric value next to the color name in the current color mode.
  5. Geometry operations (Add, Subtract, etc.) take a very long time to complete. With a large number of objects indefinitely, or the program crashes. This also applies to the stable version (1.6.5) and is independent of the file. For the test, I checked the same file in Affinity Designer and Xara Designer Pro X10, which performs this operation in 1-2 seconds. I hope in new versions this feature will finally be working adequately.
  6. Very necessary tool to indicate the size of the objects, similar to CorelDraw. As well as panels with information about the geometry of the current object: area, perimeter, curve length, etc.
  7. dadesign

    TIFF Compression

    +1 more options when exporting to tiff: compression setting, select the extensions.
  8. +1 for *.tif
  9. dadesign

    lock guides

    +1 lock guides
  10. dadesign

    [AD 1.5.2] Color management is broken

    OK, in detail: -a new document in CMYK, the new object color CMYK 0-70-100-0. (screenshot-01) -then in the panel change COLOUR mode to RGB. -so far all seems OK Visually, nothing has changed, the current object color is also the same. The program shows on the panel the COLOUR values for color (cmyk 0-70-100-0) in RGB mode – 255-76-0 , (screenshot-02) but! -if not changing the values, apply them to the object ("enter" in the input field of the color values ), the color of the object changes visually (screenshot-03) and by values, and this is not matched cmyk 0-70-100-0 → 0-76-100-0 Total: 1-when changing the panel mode the new values are not applied. 2-the conversion of the color values does not correspond to that in the presence of a color management system. The result is similar to direct conversion, without considering gamut mapping algorithms. screenshot-04 -manually adjust the RGB value for visual and digital in accordance with the original color in CMYK (0-70-100-0). screenshot-05 - conversion example of that color in PS. Colour settings aligned with the AD. The result is quite adequate :)
  11. Yes, when you import or add a adobe palettes (.ase).
  12. Сolor management is not working properly. When switching between modes cmyk – rgb, does not change the display color, or not change the color values.
  13. Bug in the name of the color when the palette is imported. Test Swatches.zip
  14. When changing Raster DPI in the export settings, the dpi is lost or changed to pt. AD- and AD- (beta)