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  1. Thanks. Hopefully it will come with the next update.
  2. Hi, is there a shortcut or a way to show a layer mask, like the way when i draw the mask in quickmask mode. I need a way to show an already painted mask as an overlay. like the example
  3. Yes that`s what i mean. That was my fault, i switch off the assistant manager THANKS A LOT
  4. Hello, when i try to add a layer mask to a layer in Affinity Photo on the mac, the layer mask will appear over the selected layer and i have to drag it on to the layer. i think that this is not the correct behavior of the add mask button? is there any solution?
  5. Hello, is it possible to show a layer mask as an overlay with less opacity?
  6. hello, it would be nice if you can change the behavior of the keyboard shortcuts for the toolbar. i often switch from paint brush tool to inpainting brush tool. i press b for paint brush and AP will select the paint brush tool. then i press j and AP will select the healing brush tool, but before i selected the inainting brush tool. it would be nice when AP remember the last selected tool if there are more then 1 tool to choose from. thanks michael
  7. Hello, is ist possible that you intergrate the option for non compressed TIFF files. I would appreciate this. thanks michael

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