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  1. There is just one more "Affinity Photo" process under the main process, nothing more. I'll try to reinstall Photo and see if that helps. Edit: Attempt to repair the installation ended with "Setup failed", so I did full uninstall/reinstall and the exiftool is working now. Thanks walt.farrell.
  2. This version is not reading EXIF metadata at all. Tried files from three different cameras, NEF/RAWs, converted TIFs, JPGs. It shows "No Camera data" every time.
  3. I know there are more important things to fix/implement in AP, but this is really annoying for me. You don't have to be different from "that other app" in this :-)
  4. I understand that it's not an option to change the default TIF extension from .TIFF to .TIF (because .TIFF is a standard?). In my case all other applications I use save as .tif. It would be helpful to at least add a .tif filter to the AP export dialog so that files with both extensions are visible in the window, currently the window is always empty :) (See attached screenshot). Thanks for consideration.
  5. I'll repeat myself, but I think it should be changed. Just do it like Photoshop - saving newly created file defaults to the last used folder, saving already existing file should use the original file location.
  6. AP does the same. I suggested the change to the "standard" behavior two times already and I'm quite sure someone did before me. I hope they change it in some future release, because it is really annoying.
  7. How do I do this in the latest Photo version? I need to view two documents side by side.
  8. It depends on file contents and compression. A pure white one layer tif file of those dimensions can be 3 MB compressed and 323 MB uncompressed.
  9. It's the LZW compression, it's good for 8bit images, but if you use it on 16bit image, the file usually gets larger than uncompressed file.
  10. It gets more interesting. Found out the problem is not in saving, but that the Photo doesn't load the Exif info correctly while opening the file. I have a file "D:\F\2017-02-06 Bořetice\AXB_3060.jpg" If I open that file in Photo it says No Camera Data and the Exif panel is empty. So I created a "D:\F\2017-02-06 Boretice" folder and copied the AXB_3060.jpg file into it. Now if I open the file from the first folder, the Exif data is loaded correctly, but it is actually data from the file in the second folder. I confirmed this by renaming a file shot with a different lens to AXB_3060.jpg which I copied to the second folder - now Photo loaded image from the first folder (shot with UWA lens) and displayed Exif from the file in the second folder (shot with telephoto lens). I downloaded Process Monitor and it shows some exiftool errors, so I guess the problem is exiftool related.
  11. Hi Sean, after further testing it seems the bug happens only if the edited file is in a folder with Czech characters. For example I have the files in a folder "2017-02-06 Bořetice" and if I edit/save a file in this folder, the metadata is removed. If I rename the folder to "2017-02-06 Boretice", the metadata is retained.
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