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  1. Hello, I was wondering if within Affinity Designer is there a "Free transform tool" to allow perspective distort with shapes, this is something that can be done within illustrator where you can take two points and can move them together or further apart with equal distance like the example below. You can kinda do this with the "Corner" tool set to straight but this is set to only one angle when perspective distort can change the angle. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.
  2. Here's a thread from 2014... It's crazy to think that you would have implemented this by now (2022) unless you're going the Reason Studios route, "We know what you need, you don't!" unless I'm missing something....
  3. While you can trim curves with the shapebuilder tool, I would like to have dedicated tools to trim and extend curves. For extending, it would be as simple as clicking a curve and it will extend the closest end of the curve to the next visible curve. This tool should extend curves even though the target curve will not intersect with the curve that is to be extended (meaning, if you were to extend both, they would intersect). Trimming should work in similar fashion, it adds a node along an intersection with another curve and removes the portion closes to where one clicked.
  4. The year is almost over, so let's share some reusable fireworks items for your possible flyers and new year cards. - Note that those firework assets are always groups of vector elements, thus if you want to recolor some of them you best select the whole individual group. These assets are usable for things like shown in the following examples ... The corresponding fireworks assets file as a zip-archive: fireworks.zip
  5. I made some reusable, all vector based, Star Wars Mandalorian Assets for Affinity (... to the hopeful delight of my nephew too?). The assets file to share is this here: star_wars_mandalorian.afassets License: Free for personal use only, not meant for commercial reuse !!! And well as you all probably know: "This is the way"! 😉
  6. Here's a little Xmas cutout assets & sample vector design for the Affinity forum community. Here are the assets & sample files: Xmas_cutout.afassets xmas_cutout_sample.afdesign You can of course customize these to your own individual needs. You will also find some other Xmas related assets to place onto your Xmas designs under some of my other resources contributions, see therefor: Retrospective of resources contributions Have a good time over Xmas!
  7. In order to get ready and prepared for Xmas, I share this time one of my XMas card & envelope vector designs for the Affinity forum community. The Xmas envelope which already contains a mounted in Xmas card design looks like this ... The Xmas card design used looks like this ... You can of course customize these to your own individual needs. You will find a bunch of Xmas related assets to place onto Xmas cards and the envelope for example under some of my other resources contributions, see therefor: Retrospective of resources contributions Here are the Affinity Designer related files for download (which can also be (re)used in the other Affinity apps): xmas_envelope_card_merry_christmas.afdesign xmas_greeting_card.afdesign Have a good time over Xmas!
  8. I never noticed this before and I wonder if this is a design decision ... Is there any good reason why the Stock panel browsing pixabay in Affinity Photo has no vector checkbox? Edit in AP from within AD is an additional step, so ...
  9. Here are a few Paper Effects as vector assets (...since some new forum user recently asked me for such things). The assets file: paper-effects.afassets A paper effects samples file: paper-effect-samples.afdesign And two curled paper sample files: curled_paper_template.afdesign curled_paper_sample.afdesign As mostly all freely reusable, have a nice time!
  10. Some this year (2022 and again last minute) Affinity Designer v.1.10.5 based Xmas trees as vector assets. The assets file: x-mas-trees.afassets You will find a bunch of other Xmas related things under some of my other resources contributions, see therefor: Retrospective of resources contributions Have a contemplative and peaceful Xmas time!
  11. I've always been attracted to Art Nouveau imagery, particularly that of the brilliant Alphonse Mucha, who is largely accredited for starting that appealing type of graphic art. I wanted to wrap my mind around the specific aspects of the craft of which this practice drawing is the first attempt. I plan to do more Art Nouveau all vector drawings in the future, unlike this image that contains both vector and bitmap embedded files. Technically this image is some sort of blend of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, the latter being the successor of the first art movement, I guess. More on Mucha and Art Nouveau in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2022/11/art-nouveau-practice-drawing-01.html
  12. Hey guys! I'd like to share a Special Christmas tutorial for beginners that wants to learn more about Affinity Designer 2.0 and also my workflow. In this episode, you will learn Sketch techniques Values for shadows Blockout freehand vector Basic Coloring If want to learn Affinity and Illustation, This tutorial will be a very great addition to your skillset
  13. I’ve been working on a series of pieces featuring ludicrously over-dressed drag queens doing the housework (my “Domestic Goddesses” series). Here’s the first: Debbie Does Dishes. Hope you like her! (Created on Affinity Designer iPad versions 1 & 2)
  14. Hi everyone, I have looked in the forum for a trace of this, and couldn't find it in the functionalities in the App, but it is such a sadly missing function of Illustrator that it is, for me, entirely necessary to add it to Affinity Designer to make it THE Adobe killer. Some of you might have used Inkscape in the past, I discovered it very recently, being a mac user (and it is far from user friendly on a Mac...): The Spiro Spline, or automatic smooth curves, swirls and swooshes. For both typography and ornaments, 2 "hot topics" nowadays, this tool is just fantastic. There are 2 elements that are genius about it: - First, it calculates automatically the "smallest curve value" between two points or a specific node, transforming any rough angle into smooth curves to create spirographic-style designs so easily it made my jaw drop when I discovered it (it is a nightmare in Illustrator). - Second, and that's the most powerful, is the ability to edit "live and dynamically" the shape used as the fill of the stroke. Meaning you can easily conver a simple curve into a gorgeous "fat to slim" swirl and create highly editable ornaments on the go, using triangles and other shapes. For those who never heard of it, check those two links, you will just be... wowed. A simple tutorial to show your the "spiro magic" http://verysimpledesigns.com/vectors/inkscape-tutorial-spiro-swirls.html And this one to show you how powerful it is, especially for Typography design: Inkscape + Spiro (sorry it's in Spanish–which I'm not, and it goes fast, but it's quite straightforward). This, combined to the user-friendliness of Affinity Designer, would make me put the premium for it right away. Hope you enjoy it guys! Boris
  15. Could you add a flatten transparency command like Adobe Illustrator's? The way it works is that it converts the vector object with transparancy to a non-transparent vector with a colour that matches the one it had when opacity was applied. For more info see this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/175099-flatten-transparency-set-opacity-to-100-and-use-the-colour-closest-to-the-transparant-colour/
  16. Is there a way to flatten transparency from within Designer? I know you can do this on export, but what about modifying your current document? E: For the feature request refer to:
  17. Good day, so im working with a complex shape in afinity designer that I'm going to be sending off to a 3rd party company to have cut out onto copper sheets. The shape is called metatron's cube. (See attached image.) It has lines all over the design and the company isn't able to work with this file because it doesnt contain auctual shaped geometry. I played around with it myself ( See attached image) and I was able to get it close to how they would need it for their machine, but the part im now stuck at is getting the rest of the lines to look like the image I made. What I was able to do on my own is select every circle and turn them into a donut shape then make the hole 90%. I then duplicated the smaller hexagon in the center and shrunk it then subtracted it from the bigger hexagon. I did that to both the center and outer hexagons in the image and then I Sellected everything and hit the add button in the top right corner so that it created the shape in the image. Here are my questions I currently have. How to I make the distance between the hexagons the same distance as the circle that has a dognut hole of 90% I need to make sure that when their machine cuts it all out that all the line thickness is exactly the same. My next question is how do I make the rest of the lines look how I made this shape so far? I know I'm making progress, but I've hit a brick wall. Thanks in advance, Randallrbaker
  18. Here are a few vector images I did with Designer. The penguin I did based on a ceramic penguin light we have. The yellowish bird was something my mom asked me to do that replicated a ceramic bird she has. My tea mug. A hummingbird I saw a picture of for reference. A medicine bottle with spray hose in it.
  19. Hey! In Affinity 1 I used to be able to select multiple vector points of a shape by dragging them, but I can not do that in Affinity 2 (have to select them all by clicking). Is there an option that I have to turn on?
  20. Graphic design is not my area of expertise. But Affinity Designer v2 is so good that I can't stop drawing something. 😊 Here is the avatar I drew for my little boy:
  21. I took a photo of this particular homestead in Cades Cove at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee, USA. My photo looked very dark and dull as it was quite foggy and misty. I created this scene as a vector drawing, then added brush work in Pixel layers. I took a couple of liberties to make it brighter and less foggy. My wife wanted smoke from chimney of building on far right and so I added some. These homesteads here are not active and would not have any smoke.
  22. Wife and I went to a 50’s style diner (Bel Air) and they had a wall jukebox (brought back old memories of playing music on jukeboxes) at our booth. I took a photo of it and their logo signs. I thought I would try creating vector images of their logo and the wall jukebox. I put all the song text inside the jukebox. The letter and number keys really were not perfectly the same. The cards inside the jukebox with the song titles were in rough shape (I didn’t try to duplicate that). I then created a counter with stools and root beer floats and a neon style Diner sign to add something extra. Hope somebody likes it.
  23. Affinity Designer V2 does not currently have bitmap tracing, sorry.
  24. Hi all, I'm considering buying Designer but one thing that I can't find is if there is a way to fill an object using vector or patterns. I only find gradients and bitmap. I know we can duplicate an object to create hand made pattern but I can't then edit the repetitions like if is a bitmap fill. Cheers, Juan
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