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  1. Composing with an AI generated picture and a stock photo from unsplash. Merging in Affinity photo
  2. I have done some thinking about what direction Affinity is heading relative to the competition. Adobe has been making a lot of strides, specifically with AI powered features. Even if Affinity 2.0 is a very good update, and 2.1 added some good improvements, I still feel that the general perception is that Affinity is stalling a bit. Serif took up a huge task for a small company putting out a very nice integrated suite of programs at a very good price. They took the fight to competition with 3 programs that could replace mre well known industry standard programs, at least to a high degree. By being so affordable, they provided a good entry point for small businesses, freelancers and enthousiasts. I truly appreciate what Serif created in this respect. Providing these apps also on iPad was quite visionary as well. Then the v.2 offered a universal language for all apps at a very good price, making an offer very hard to ignore. However it is a very big task to keep 3 apps on 3 platforms up to date, provide regular updates and not lose the users to the competition. The competetion in this field has become much more severe than it was even 10 years ago and I think this is why Serif really needs to ask the question where to go next. In my vision there is only one way that makes sense: fully integrate the 3 apps in one program! Affinity has been about the integration of the various parts from the start, and this has been its unique selling point. Publisher was the cherry on the pie in this regard. With the Universal License, Affinity made it clear that you get the best result when all apps are installed. Let's not kid ourselves into believe any one of these 3 apps is the best in class in terms of features (best bang for a buck though). It's strength lies in how well the different parts work together. There are 3 apps now, and though I understand they are meant for different use cases, but in real life as a designer, these do not always make sense. Having to jump over from designer to photo to use a filter on an illustration, or from photo to designer to round the corner of a shape is annoying, and it seems arbitrary. Publisher led the way in providing all elements of the suite in 1 program (albeit in reduced form) and I feel this is the only logical way to develop the suite. Making 1 app instead of 3 saves resources and makes it less prone to comparisons to similar programs. The persona approach which was in designer from the start provides a good base, but I would argue that the user should be provided with more options to customize they layout to its preferences. This is an area where Affinity is lacking a lot. I see this as the biggest chance for Affinity to keep their own unique place in the market, but I look forward to other ideas.
  3. In this video I share with you how to fix RTL on Affinity Designer but its work Publisher and Photo as well, Free Fix Download Link: https://leomoon.com/downloads/desktop-apps/leomoon-parsinegar/ Enjoy!
  4. Is a Huion Kamvas 16 Pro graphics tablet/screen compatible with AF Photo and Designer on iMac? Any problems? Any advice? Thanks, Ken Shannon
  5. When I load the attached TIFF file into AP 2.1.0, I only see black. However, this file has an alpha channel, and it should appear like a fuzzy black blob on a transparent background. I would expect that transparency to look like a checkerboard, like I see when loading the file in Photoshop.MetalPaint.tiff Please refer to the discussion here:
  6. Hello, When I load the attached tiff into macOS Preview or Photoshop, I see a transparent background. When I load it in AP it shows solid black. How do I get it to show the transparency? (Or, why doesn't it show transparency in the first place?) I'm using AP 2.1.0 on macOS. Thank you very much. Michael MetalPaint.tiff
  7. Thought it would be a good day to start learning Affinity, but I can’t even open the sample artworks. I get the message that an unknown error has occurred downloading samples. Frustrating. I’m on an iPad Pro 12.9” with more than 100GB free. My internet is working. I have tried everything I can think of, from restarting the app to deleting and re-downloading. The app has been on my device since December when I purchased it, but this is the first time I’m trying to use it. Screenshot attached. I would appreciate it very much if someone could help. Thanks
  8. I made a post about this on Reddit and I was recommended to move over here instead. I'm playing around with the free trial of the affinity suite before jumping off the Adobe bandwagon, but I seem to be having an issue that I'm not seeing many other places. Mouse or tablet, I get this awful lag when trying to draw with the brush tool. Even with no other applications running on my desktop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytCJtuLRWhk (Unlisted example video) This computer has plenty of head room when using the program, so I'm not sure what the issue is. Other programs like Clip Studio and Photoshop work fine! I'm using a Huion H610 PRO V2 tablet, in case that helps. My Specs: 32 gigs of ram, Ryzen 5 5600X, RX 580 (8 gigs) Solutions I have tried: Disabling Hardware Acceleration Changing the Retina Rendering Increasing the RAM limit Reinstalling the program
  9. Now the same problem happens in the 2.1. release. Very bad I lost all my settings ... :-(( https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/185766-cant-save-curves-preset/
  10. When painting quick strokes with my Wacom (Intuos 3) I experience some unwanted straight strokes (as if shift button was pressed in between) and after a few ones the pointer gets stuck on the brush circle and the full interface, except the canvas where I can keep painting, becomes unresponsive. Keyboard shortcuts seem to work. Some times pressing Alt button "revive" the app, otherwise I have to make AP windows inactive some way. Conditions for this to occur seem to be: There are plenty of layers in the document (or at least the more the easier) Tablet Input Method is set to High Precision The problem doesn't occur setting input method to Low Precision and Windows Ink. Affinity Photo 2.10 (and previous versions) on Windows 10. High Precision.mp4 .
  11. Several ICM fotos (ICM Intentional Camera Movement) combined as layers in APh (Layer mode Median).
  12. Hi. Ich habe das selbe Verhalten nach dem Update zu Photo 2 Version. Ist da schon eine Lösung vorhanden oder passierte es nur zufällig gleichzeitig mit dem Update? Grüße Tatjana
  13. Here's a contribution in case it's possible to add it as a future feature (Affinity Photo and Designer) "It would be interesting if they would allow the use of brushes and tools like the eraser with the pen tool in Affinity Photo and Designer, using paths as Photoshop currently allows. I hope this can be understood with this video." "All the strokes were created in Designer, and the final file was exported to PSD for use in Photoshop." "There are brushes obtained from external sites in .abr format that one would like to use, but it is not currently possible to use them in Affinity applications with the pen tool." (Photo and Designer) Video Suggest.mp4
  14. Hello, these are some title pages from web site shopping mall product presentations created in APublisher. Thanks. https://www.behance.net/gallery/170509823/Graphic-Design-Product-pages https://www.behance.net/gallery/170510013/Pen-Case-Graphic-Design-development
  15. Hey everyone, This is a bit niche and I have not checked if a topic like this already exists. What I'm looking for is a compatibility guide with workarounds for creating macros. For the past few days I have been trying to create macros but keep getting stuck because its so unbelievably cumbersome. One big PIA is the level selection. It’s a mess with all its confirmation prompts – just select the damn level I clicked on already! Anyway, I already got used to that by now, that’s not the issue. These two are my current questions, and I haven’t found a solution for it, maybe some of you have ideas? Creating a fill layer and changing its colour It's just not possible, you'll get this warning and the colour will be reset: Select all (as in an unspecified number) layers (to group them or similar) There's no keyboard shortcut or menu item that does this, as far as I know. Anyway, for some reason I didn't notice the option in the menu. It even has a shortcut! 🤦‍♂️ Solution: Select → Select all Layers or ⌥⌘A Do you have similar questions? Is there maybe already a place where questions like these get asked and answered? Does someone know how to get these operations to work or how to work around them? Have a nice weekend Dennis
  16. Been having mouse stutter issues with all three applications for a while now whenever GSync is active, regardless of which option I choose. Updated to Geforce 417.41 drivers today, and the problem is still present. Running on a RTX 2070 Super on a 34" ultrawide at 120Hz with Gsync on. The problem goes away if I turn Gsync off. Which I don't want to have to do all the time...
  17. I think I’ve probably ‘faffed about’ with this for long enough so it’s time to ‘release it into the wild’ and “go out and do something less boring instead” (as the song, which some members of a certain age might remember, goes). All done – except for certain stock images – in Affinity Designer and Photo. It’s just an experimental thing, not a real product. (You may need to click on the image and zoom in to see more detail.)
  18. Hey all, Is this behaviour intentional and if so, why is there no difference between the content types? Scenario: I'm working on a design I started in Designer with multiple artboards. I decided to add some pizzazz with a raster brushes on a designated pixel layer – either in Designer's Pixel Persona or via File → Edit in Photo (either works, behaviour is the same). I add a pixel layer and draw something. I realise that I have made a mistake and want to clear the layer and start again. I usually do this with a short succession of shortcuts: ⌘+A (in the History palette this is called »Raster select all«) to marquee the whole (visible) canvas and backspace or delete/⌦. Expected Result: The (visible) content of the pixel layer is removed. Issue: In my case, for some reason, the shortcut ignores the fact that I am currently working on a pixel layer, and instead of creating a marquee selection of its contents and deleting it, it selects the parent pixel layer itself and deletes it. Now this might not be a big deal if it's a single layer, and you might argue »Why don't I just delete the layer and create a new pixel layer (⌘+⇧+N)?« And I'd say »Sure, that might work for single, regular layers.« The real problem is that this also works (or rather doesn't work) for linked pixel layers. If a single linked layer is deleted, it's not so easy to fix afterwards and involves copying, pasting, positioning if you've placed them in several different groups, shapes and so on – a bit of a PIA. I also considered »Invert Pixel Selection« (Select → Invert Pixel Selection or ⌘+⇧+I) as a different approach, as this works with photo documents. But to no avail. But I've noticed that this behaviour works for new documents, so I'm not sure why it doesn't work for my existing document. Any help with this? Am I doing something wrong? Is the document somehow corrupt? I’ve attached my document, feel free to try the scenario, try to select the whole pixel layer content and delete it with the designated shortcuts while maintaining the linked layer/s itself. Cheers Dennis Raster_select_all_bug.afdesign
  19. Hi there, today I came (again) across a weird phenomena. I blacked out some parts of my current bank account statement. To prevent, that the recipient is able to remove the black bars by simply importing the document into a program like Affinity, I exported the PDF using these settings: The part "Inklusive Ebenen" means "Including Layers". Unfortunately, the exported PDF still includes all layers and hence the function seems not working. Is there anything I do wrong, or is this a bug? Version Number:
  20. I have hundreds of images of various sizes, mostly very large sizes, that I want to resize to a maximum width of 1920px, at 72DPI, RGB colour mode, JPG format. The height should be variable since the original images have various heights as well and I need to keep the aspect ratio to prevent distortions. (1)is this possible with Affinity Photo? (2)what would be the steps for the resizing to record as a macro. (I tried recording resizing one image and then use that recording for a batch job but AP used also a fixed height on every image resulting in many distorted images)
  21. I've been encountering a recurring issue with RAW development, but the issue happens inconsistently and seemingly at random. After loading a RAW file, I make some of the color and lighting adjustments I want to make to the file. But then I click "develop" and the edits are not preserved, leaving me with a developed image without any of the RAW edits I made. I use the same process for developing images every time, but the results have been inconsistent. Perhaps I'm experiencing a PEBCAK problem, but I'm not sure what exactly I would be doing wrong that causes inconsistent development results.
  22. This pic is just an example photo.. But I am trying to cut a woman out of a green forest background. How do you cut out the hair without taking some of the green glow with you? And is it possible to recolour the green parts back to the hairs natural colour with adjustments or too difficult to get it right? I've tried selecting the green bits and playing with sliders but just can't seem to get it right. I have also tried using the background remove brush over the hair but it either doesn't delete enough or it deletes some of the hair too. Any tips? Cheers!
  23. Below is my list of written tutorials I have done over the years. The first few were done using early versions of Affinity programs but they should still be ok. Some menus may have changed or tools look different but the basics are the same. Also most are for Affinity Photo, but some could be done in Designer. Plus the "Beginners Look at Affinity Photo" ones will pretty much be the same in Affinity Designer and Publisher as all 3 programs have same basic functions. PhotoPlus and Affinity Photo – make a fake Starry Sky background https://www.dropbox.com/s/3la5z4amc11wcgx/starry-Sky-PhotoPlus_and_Affinity_Photo.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Silk Embroidery Effect https://www.dropbox.com/s/9h4mpso7i77z1oq/Affinity%20Photo%20-%20Silk%20Embroidery%20Effect.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Silk Embroidery Effect V2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6usbza25vidgmck/Embroidery%20Tutorial%20v2.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Vintage Cabinet Frames https://www.dropbox.com/s/bj2dsmwmy0juazk/cabinet-frames.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Fake Evening Sky with Rain and Lightening https://www.dropbox.com/s/mlcdnducotitp1d/Fake_Evening_-_Lightning_-_Rain_-_Affinity_Photo.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo - Art Projects Shows 2 ways to make a blank canvas on an easel have what might be a painted image on it, from a photograph. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8fx18c77t2dnulb/Art-Projects-sept2018.pdf?dl=0 Infrared V2 – Affinity Photo 3 ways to make fake Infrared images I Needed a project to use in the Affinity Publisher beta, so I thought I’d update an old Serif PhotoPlus tutorial to an Affinity Photo tutorial. It basically shows 3 methods to get Infrared style images. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0c0mgqfrbrdv4q5/Affinity%20Tutorial%20-%20Infrared-v2.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Convert German Video – Film Strip Image in 3 parts pt 1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/iewleyt95a8qhdk/Photo_Film_Strip_-_German_Tutorial_pt1.pdf?dl=0 pt 2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/2j35gkvxr9emcq6/Photo_Film_Strip_-_German_Tutorial_pt2.pdf?dl=0 pt 3 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6yvxubgne0kqct4/Photo_Film_Strip_-_German_Tutorial_pt3.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – False Water and Reflection https://www.dropbox.com/s/4sm0qqikvp0hs0a/affinity-photo-false_water_and_reflection.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Chinese Painting Styles in 2 parts pt 1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/uvqn9hf9mo2xwbr/Chinese_Painting_-Pt_01-_affinity-photo.pdf?dl=0 pt 2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ovc317ncjjosd0/Chinese_Painting_-Pt_02-_affinity-photo.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Beginners Look at Layer Masks https://www.dropbox.com/s/c0lsf9e7kdymdyd/A-Photo-%20Beginners%20Look%20At%20Layer%20Masks.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 1 – Better Cloning https://www.dropbox.com/s/a1d283mn7icltzc/ACTIV8-issue1-BetterCloning.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 2 – Spheres https://www.dropbox.com/s/igufcf3unu4z84b/ACTIV8-issue2-spheres.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 3 – Affinity Photo - Select Tree - Replace Sky – 2 ways https://www.dropbox.com/s/lx0ko7f2xjqsg3r/ACTIV8-issue3-replacesky.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 4 – Tri-Fold Image https://www.dropbox.com/s/1iyp59mr3bzjlri/ACTIV8-issue4-TriFold-image.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 5 – Emboss With Lighting https://www.dropbox.com/s/t5r6tiz3c7k7o1s/ACTIV8-issue5-emboss-with-light.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 6 – 3D Text https://www.dropbox.com/s/gif1x6xrtfrp2z8/ACTIV8-issue6-Three-D-Text.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 7 -Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher – A look at Styles This written tutorial, mainly aimed at beginners of any of the Affinity Software made for PC and Mac. It may work the same on iPad version but I don’t own one so can’t confirm that it will. It looks at what Styles are, how to make some Gradient Styles and some Styles made from images. Then how to Export and Import your newly made Styles. After that I do a basic overview of a couple of video tutorials I have made in the past. Using the Mirror Filter and the Equation filter to make new images, to then make Styles from. Lastly, another overview of a recent video tutorial, which looks at using the Vector Crop Tool in Affinity Designer to grab sections of an image to then make Styles from. The end of this PDF tutorial has interactive links to all the video tutorials and links to the downloads of all the Styles I have made in these video and written tutorials. https://www.dropbox.com/s/82szaatnflaw8fk/ACTIV8-issue7-Styles.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 8 – Affinity Photo – Make Sketch Image With Just The Channel Mixer A while ago I made an Affinity Photo video tutorial about making a sketch image just using the Channel Mixer adjustment. I thought I’d up-date it slightly in this written tutorial, which can be done in Affinity Photo, Designer or Publisher. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6etmt3am6ljprwn/ACTIV8-issue7-ChannelMixer-Sketch.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 8a – Affinity Software – 4 Creative yet simple ways to use Blend Modes This is a written tutorial update of a video tutorial I did in Feb 2018. They are fairly basic edits and will work best with an image that has a white background. So, I will use one I got from Pixabay, as are the other images used. Links to the video and image are in the written tutorial. The video was done in Affinity Photo but this will be done in Affinity Designer but I see no reason why it can’t also be done in Publisher. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sluebvjl86nuk8e/ACTIV8-issue8-Four-Uses-for-Blend-Modes.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 9 – A Beginners Look At Affinity Photo part 1 Looking at opening images and saving your edits. Plus, file formats also a look at the Layers Panel and Colour selection Although tutorial is for Affinity Photo all will work pretty much the same in Affinity Designer And Publisher https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ztaxn4siom7evd/ACTIV8-issue9-Beginners%20Look%20at%20Affinity%20Photo%20pt01.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 10 – A Beginners Look At Affinity Photo part 2 Looking at opening and setting up a new document other than an image. The Brush Tool and changing the Brush Tips. Then looking at the different types of Pixel and Vector layers you can make. Layer Masks and their use. Plus, a quick look at Text and Shape layers and the Glyph Browser. As with part 1, most (if not all) of the information in this tutorial will work just as well in Affinity Designer and Publisher as all 3 programs are so similar. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kourodnfojwq26l/ACTIV8-issue10-Beginners%20Look%20at%20Affinity%20Photo-pt02.pdf?dl=0
  24. Greetings, in Aphoto V1 can you turn a selection into a shape? Thanks to everyone who will read me...
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