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  1. Hi everyone, I posted something similar in the feedback forum a few months ago, but I've realised that the behaviour applies not only to grids but to all forms of snapping so I'm posting here now as a bug. It is currently not possible to snap when constraining the curve's angle even with snapping enabled when using the pen tool normally. I've recorded a short video to show this in action. Affinity designer snapping not working with constraint.mp4 I am using MacOS Ventura 13.1 M1 pro Macbook Pro Affinity Designer 2.0.4 Confirmed that this bug exists on version 1 of Designer. The only workaround seems to be to press and hold on the trackpad/mouse when drawing the curve and snapping will work, but this is really unintuitive and impractical for large amounts of drawing.
  2. I'm very happy that there are finally perspective and warp options in Designer, I'm going to use it a lot. Unfortunately this feature completely lacks snapping - I see for example that neither corners nor tangents snap to grid or other objects. It's really important that this works, so you can accurately adjust your objects to the perspective established with a grid or other objects.
  3. Force Pixel Alignment does not work when using the modifier key(Option/Alt) to ignore snapping. (such as with Move/Node tool) I want Force Pixel Alignment to work like when the Snapping(U magnet icon) is disabled.
  4. Tangential snap, e.g. in Designer becomes a game of patience and the result is everything else, but not tangential. There are already a lot of snap functions but they don't help when, for example, two different circles have to be connected tangentially by a line. It would be a very helpful addition to the already existing snap functions to add tangent, quadrant and parallel snap. Finally, these belong to the basic geometric constructions. tangential_snap_00.mp4
  5. Please enable the ability to force a locked layer to become a snapping candidate. Often times I lock layers so I don't accidentally edit them, but periodically I still want to snap other objects to them. A suggestion would be to hover over a locked layer while holding Alt (to ignore the fact that it's locked) to add that layer to the snapping candidates.
  6. Hello all, I've been trying for the past few hours to snap a curve to a grid using 1.10.19 of Designer on iPad. I'm fully aware of the separate snapping menu for the pen tool as well as the snapping menu but for the life of me I can't get a node to snap to where a horizontal and vertical lines of the grid meet. In the snapping menu I have snapping enabled and am not forcing pixel alignment. Snap to grid is turned on and I've tried both high and low levels of tolerance. I'm not trying to snap the node to other things as noted in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hntb-PMGUEA and I've read these threads: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/149534-asking-for-tips-about-snapping-with-curve-nodes-in-designer/&tab=comments#comment-835695 or https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/62713-cannot-snap-curve-nodes-to-grid-in-designer/&tab=comments#comment-325078 https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/102450-tutorial-for-node-functions/&tab=comments#comment-549935 I just need a node to snap to where horizontal and vertical lines of the grid intersect!. Could someone please tell me how to do this?
  7. I'm new to the Serif ecosystem (I've only used Inkscape), so forgive me if I get some terminology wrong. This question is in regards to the manipulation of both preset shapes that you just draw in, as well as these curves that you convert the shapes into when you want to add nodes or move the existing nodes around. My problem is that I want the black rectangle to snap to the corner of the triangle. I've only been able to snap to 1 axis so far. edit: sorry, I had no idea you needed the actual file rather than a screenshot. Just got back to my computer and had to recreate the situation since I had deleted those shapes test (copy).afdesign
  8. “Welcome back my friends / To the show that never ends … ” - and if you know the origin of that lyric, you're Today's Big Winnah! And now, on with the show … Question: With snapping enabled, it's a (you're gonna hate this) a ‘snap’ to drag guidelines that snap automatically to the center of one's layout. BUT: When Option-dragging the ZERO POINT from upper left of the frame to the center of the layout, there's NO automatic snapping as there is when dragging the guidelines. The Zero Point is a ‘best guess’ operation as to whether or not it's precisely centered with the guides dragged earlier. Can someone please reveal the Hidden Mystery that enables the Zero Point (center point) to SNAP to alignment with the GUIDES that snapped so nicely into place? Thankyewberrymush …
  9. So I have both Designer and Photo. I mainly use both for Digital painting and Matte painting or photobashing (concept art environment stuff) I recently started using the isometric grid and the isometric tools in Designer to create blueprints for interiors before I do a painting of them in Photo, to get scale worked out Anyways, I currently create perspective grids in Photo for painting over by using the star tool and overalapping 2 or 3 of them to create a perspective grid which I can then trace over and line things up to with the perspective tool. After using the isometric grid & axis manager and plane tools in Designer, it would be amazing if something like that could be built for doing 2 and 3 point perspective grids in both programs. An option for "Perspective" could be added to the Advanced tab in Grid & Axis Manager. It would be awesome if had the following features/controls: Choose 2 or 3 points (this would do for 90% of peoples use cases) Allow each pivot point to be moved in X an Y directions with sliders or by entering coordinates and seeing updates onscreen in real time as with the other grids Allow for each points lines to be different colors and opacities Allow 2 or 3 points to be constrained/mirrored by other points, so for example when setting up a 2 point perspective grid: moving the left point in, out, up or down would also automatically be mirror on the right side, without needing to position each seperately This is probably not quite possible, but if snapping to the resulting grid lines was possible that would be really useful. But even just having a visual grid to trace over while painting and positioning photos with the perspective tool for photobashing would satisfy me Really hope something like this can be added in future. There was never anything like this in Photoshop or Illustrator either, and it always seemed like such an obvious feature to me. I love Designer and Photo. Really amazing products
  10. I often resize artboards to match new variations in content, e.g. adjust artboard height after creating a design version which is bigger or more compact. Would be great if it was possible to quickly adjust the size of the artboard to perfectly match the content.
  11. I created design with artwork, then I exported SVG format with export persona, and then there was invisible rectangle object in my design. Is there solution? I have some problem with export persona, I think good if "snapping" available in export persona Thanks.
  12. I made 2 shapes and snapped them together, because I wanted to group them into one item. But as you can see in the attachment, there's a thin white (or I guess transparent) line in between. (both shapes have a fill color and the line set to transparent) Is there something I'm not doing? How can I make the line disappear? In the photo attached, the two shapes are SNAPPED together... I'd like to not have to overlap because this is something I'll be doing often (snapping+grouping) & it won't always be acceptable to just go over the edge of one shape with another. Thanks.
  13. Hi there. I've owned this software for quite some time, but this is my first post here. I'm importing multiple objects from different files and arranging them in a specific way. They are created to fit together so that there's equal spacing between and around each object (think Mondrian's work). I thought this would be incredibly quick and easy to do, but I'm completely stumped. Here is a simplified representation of what I'm trying to accomplish. For greater clarity I've included only a small number of objects. Normally, the entire page would be completely filled. I need to line up the sides marked with red, keeping the spacing between objects consistent throughout the document--approximation of the final result is shown in the black rectangle. The problem I've encountered is that snapping and measurements features seem to only work on nodes that are on the bounding boxes. There is no way to line up anything with the nodes marked with green. I can't get anything to snap to them. If I create a new object I can use those nodes as the starting point and the cursor will snap to them but, as mentioned, I'm not creating new objects. I will have pages filled with these objects, so using the transform panel would be too time consuming. I've tried every combination of options in the snapping panel but nothing seems to be working. In summary: how do I line up objects with the nodes that are not on the bounding boxes, and how do I measure the distance from an object to the lines converging in such a node?
  14. Simply put, an option that lets you designate a layer to be prioritized for snapping to (ignoring non-prioritized shapes close to the area where you're trying to snap if there are prioritized shapes there); I imagine it as simple right-click options accessible while mousing over the layers panel: for layers that haven't been designated for snapping, it'd give the option to make them one of the layers to snap to, while for layers that have already been designated, the right-click prompt would be to no longer prioritize them for snapping. An additional button next to the general snapping on/off button would let you reset the list of layers to prioritize snapping to entirely, effectively turning it off until you redesignate a layer as a priority for snapping. This'd solve some of the issues I've had where due to several shapes being close together (for example due to shading layers on top of the layers they're shading) Designer fussed back-and-forth over which of two other shapes it'd try to snap to, completely refusing to snap to the shape I was actually trying to snap something to.
  15. Let's say I have a number of layered shapes. I want to ensure one node of shape A, at the top of the pile of shapes, is aligned to a side of shape B, near the bottom. To ensure shape B doesn't get out of alignment with other shapes, I have it grouped, or shape A is part of a compound with another shape, or some other situation where keeping both objects selected at the same time (to take advantage of the "align nodes to selected curves" snapping option) would require rearranging the layering of the shapes. In situations like this, is there a convenient way to "tell" Affinity Designer that I want to specifically snap to shape B rather than any of the other layered shapes (since the previously-mentioned "remove shape A and B from their groups, compounds, etc. so you can select both, turn off all snapping options other than the selected curves one, snap, put shapes back into their groups, compounds, etc." is rather tedious)? Being able to mark a layer to snap to would be very convenient.
  16. Hello all let me just start with stating I am not a pro, but a 20 year long user of photoshop. Now using aff photo on my new iPad Pro, I LOVE IT !!!! sure it is not as powerful and maybe complete as ps on the Mac, and yes I find the menu structure “different” 😄 but I love it big time had no problems getting the hang of the program at all !, keep up the good work I do have a few request 1 could the copy / paste and duplicate layer menu be moved to the menu bar on the right side, that is the place where you do all your layer stuff like adding etc. Feel more intuitive there than on the left 2 could “snapping” get an quick off/ on switch On screen (or the possibility to place one if you so want to) in stead of this constant (for me I switch off and on a lot) going in to the settings menu that Is provided and back 3 I would love if the symmetry tool could get more axis like up to to 24 or 36. And while we are on the subject of the symmetry tool : the way you all implemented this ,,,,,,,, just brilliant !!!!!!!!!! Eat your heart out adobe again keep up the good work cheers mitchell 44y NL
  17. When changing the position of the stroke on an object using the stroke alignment panel (Inside, Middle, Outside) please provide the ability for the object to snap to either the Inside, Middle, or Outside of the object when snapping is activated. Currently the way the program works... when an object has the stroke aligned to the outside, then the object still snaps to the inside edge where the fill or image begins. If the stroke is aligned to the middle, then the object still snaps the the fill edge, so the stroke is on top of the snap line. And the same is true for the stroke when aligned to inside. So please allow for any one alignment option of the stroke to be combined with any one snap position. This would result in 9 possible alignment-snap combos. 1) Stroke Outside - Snap Outside 2) Stroke Outside - Snap Middle 3) Stroke Outside - Snap Inside 4) Stroke Middle - Snap Outside 5) Stroke Middle - Snap Middle 6) Stroke Middle - Snap Inside 7) Stroke Inside - Snap Outside 😎 Stroke Inside - Snap Middle 9) Stroke Inside- Snap Inside Thanks, David
  18. Hey, I want to snap the corner of the following triangle to the corner of the other shape displayed. I tried fiddling around with the snapping tool but when I align the shapes and press shift it always overlaps and doesn't connect the corner. Any tips would be highly appreciated!
  19. I can turn of snapping and do it manually but I'm wondering whether I'm doing this the right way: with a text decoration and an indent of -7.8 I'm trying to learn best practices (something I've not done for many many other applications!) Affinity_Snapping.mov
  20. Trying to drag out guides to snap to a curve's nodes but AD won't snap.
  21. Hey, I have the next challenge. I'm working on an ornament. However, would like to overlap some lines over other lines. Is there a method to handle this conveniently? Do you have any advice for me? The only option is to trace the lines with the pen tool and snapping tool, but this seems to take a long time. There must be some other useful approach I think. line above and under other line.afdesign
  22. When I last used affinity designer I could move a text box until it lined up with the edges of radius corners shown in the image below and the text box would snap to them, this is no longer the case. My snapping options have not changed but I have tried various combinations to get it working again without luck. I frequently use this to lay out text and have numerous documents where this will no longer work. I've not used Designer for a couple of months So I cannot say for certain if the 1.9 update is responsible or not, unfortunatly I updated to 1.9 before noticing this issue. It was however working fine when I last used it and I have not changed any other settings in the meantime, quite literally stopped using it and picked it back up again. I'm experiencing the same issue on both my laptop and desktop windows computers.
  23. Hi, just new here...just want to ask if there is a way to snap brush lines to make a continuous freehand line
  24. Hi, Just want to clarify if what I've read in other posts is still current. Do guides, the ones you drag out of the rulers, not work as snapping targets for the brushes? I've created a brush, it's an image brush, which stamps out a little image, it has a rotation jitter of 100% so as I draw with it, the image spins around, and it has both a size jitter, and is pressure sensitive for scale with my tablet. I want to draw a square (or indeed a rectangle), whose proportions are exact, but whose edge has all the randomness generated by freehanding the brush pressure. In Photoshop, all the way back to CS5, all I'd have to do is pull out the guides for the rectangle or square shape, and then draw roughly over them, the brush would track true to the guide, and I could concentrate on using pressure to work the brush size. What's the solution to achieve this in AP? Thanks.
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