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  1. Matt, thanks for the suggestion! I tried AD Beta 3, and the performance is markedly better! The scrolling is back to where I'd expect it to be. Zooming is still a bit jumpy, but both scrolling and zooming are very workable now. Of course, keep working on getting the remaining performance issues worked out as you mentioned, but performance overall is much better! You are certainly on the right track with whatever coding you are doing. pixfam, see my reply to Matt. The image I was playing with using AD Beta 3 was around the size you mentioned. The current versions of AP+AD don't perform
  2. Hi Leigh, If what you mean by "other apps" is other apps I use on my system, then mostly yes. I completely understand that performance might drop a bit given the extra juice required to push all of those pixels. However, the significance of the drop I experienced with my 5K iMac was more than expected. Frame rates can drop to something below 15fps; jumping is very noticeable for scrolling in particular, but zooming as well sometimes. I have not tried the latest beta builds, only the latest on the Mac App store.
  3. Hi all, I have been a long-time user of AD and AP (since they were in betas!). I have always known AD+AP to be blazing fast. I have typically used AD+AP on my Mac Pro or my Macbook Pro. The Mac Pro was pretty much 60fps most of the time, and the Macbook Pro performed admirably, though not quite as well as the Mac Pro, understandably. I recently purchased the newest 5K iMac (the fastest processor and graphics specs available) for 2015. The performance is pretty mediocre on this device, relative to my other devices running AD+AP. In particular, scrolling is very choppy for large photos,
  4. For precision work, I prefer to keep most layers locked after I am finished editing them so I don't accidentally nudge them, or I don't want them to be selectable all the time. I think it would really help workflows to be able to hover over a layer that's locked at have a lock icon show up, perhaps in the upper lefthand corner of that layer, and you could click it to unlock that layer. Normally, I have to navigate through all of the layers to find the one I want to unlock in the layers palette (since I can't select it), which can be a time sink in complex documents. It would be a dream for
  5. Yeah, I figured it didn't when I saw that, but I was hoping that you knew some system-level voodoo that I didn't :)
  6. Hi Andrew, Your suggestion for the icons (which I only saw in my email thread, it didn't post it here for some reason) didn't work. It still shows just the AD icon for both .afdesign and .afphoto files (given the conditions posted above). There was only one generator found using the command below qlmanage -m which was com.seriflabs.affinity -> /Applications/Affinity Photo.app/Contents/Library/QuickLook/QuickLook.qlgenerator (2.0 - loaded)
  7. Ah, I see. Yeah, that is very unfortunate. I would suggest just having separate iCloud folders if that fixes the issue.
  8. Yeah, but unfortunately that changes the default app for the other file type as well. See my original post for more details. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  9. Thanks Matt. Any news? For now, the icons would be nice, but is there any way to fix the .afphoto and .afdesign default app issue? This is really annoying as I have to right-click on all .afphoto files and say open with .afphoto instead of just double clicking.
  10. So, after downloading Affinity Photo from the app store, there have been all kinds of bugs with the file thumbnails for AD and AP. In addition, the default applications for launching these files are mixed up. First, the thumbnails. I am experiencing various bugs here. On some of my accounts, the thumbnails for AD and AF files don't show up (they are still the white page). On other accounts, the new AD thumbnail shows up for both .afdesign and .afphoto files (see attached). I have also experienced them being swapped; i.e., the .afdesign files show the AP thumbnail and the .afdesign files sh
  11. AD and AP are already quick, but I was wondering if utilizing Metal would give any speed improvements. If so, are you guys planning to do this?
  12. Hi MEB, I think there's a misunderstanding. I mean that I would like to be able to snap to a locked object (that isn't already a snapping candidate) without unlocking that object first, by holding down Alt+hovering over the object to force it to become a snapping candidate. Currently, when I have a non-snapping-candiate object that is locked, I have to unlock it first before the standard procedure of hovering over it with the mouse adds it to the snapping candidates list. Unless there is something that I am missing? FYI, I have everything checked in the snapping manager (I like snapping ok).
  13. I agree with @evtonic3. This would be a handy shortcut.
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