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Found 84 results

  1. Hi, why snapping to grid/borders/etc is not working for Perspective Tools? Mersh Warp Tool Perspective Tool
  2. Hello, I have an animated GIF that I would like to recreate with an SVG instead. It seems like the easiest academic case for practicing snapping to me: everything is black and white and there are only horizontal and vertical lines. The snap points are easy to find automatically. However after quite some unsuccessful trial and error and reading in the forums it seems like there could be some slightly tricky behaviour about this... So please indulge if I ask now before digging further! ;) Thank you in advance for all hints, gergely FWIW here is the object:
  3. Hey guys, I was able to drag n hold an vector/image onto another vector/image and an purple color indicator will flash once at the bottom object to indicate you can now snap your current selected image/vector base on the bottom vector/image. But now I can't, in not mastered in AD or any other illustrator app, so I not sure where to chance the setting to able it once again. Please help, it's urgently needed!
  4. WAlso when I copy object with holding alt and drag there is no snapping. After release a copy of object and then move it again the snapping start to work. Its horrible because if i want a exact number of copies with same space I cant do it with cmd+J after copy first because of snapping. Frustrating when creating patterns.
  5. Hi everyone, is there a way to restrict the selection of snapping candidates to the current artboard? Thanks!
  6. I disabled snapping once in a document I was working on, and then I enabled in again few minutes later. UI showed snapping on but no snapping was happening except for the object I had selected when I disabled snapping. That particular object gained snapping back, but other objects didn't. I toggled snapping few times and it eventually came back, although I'm not sure how exactly. To reproduce: Make sure snapping is enabled by default. Make a document with some shapes or curves. Select a shape, move it around to see snapping guidelines. Disable snapping. Move object around to see no snapping. Enable snapping. Move object around to see snapping guidelines. Select another object, move it around and see no guidelines. I'm using AD 1.4.2 on OS X 10.11.6, purchased from the App Store.
  7. If this isn't possible, could this be added? If I crop an image, the borders will not snap to the original image. (I don't like whitespace around an image)
  8. Hi, I've recently bought Affinity Photo and I'm really content with it. Great work. There's only one thing I can't get to work properly in all cases, and that's snapping. It seems to only work in certain situations / settings. For example: 1: Create a new document. 2: Turn on all snapping types. 3: Add a vector layer (rectangle). 4: Copy the vector layer and test if snapping to bounding boxes works (corners, midpoint, etc.). 5: Open a pixel image. 6: Copy and paste the image into the working document and close the imported image tab. 7: Test again if the snapping still works, by moving the image to the vector layers. 8: Copy the pixel layer, and delete the vector layers, so only two pixel layers remain. 9: Try to snap one of the two remaining pixel layers to the other pixel layer. Snapping to bounding boxes will then suddenly not work anymore, at least over here. Maybe this isn't a bug and I'm doing something wrong. I hope so. :) Thanks.
  9. Hello Affinity, Would be great, snap raster brush to any curve line while drawing... sorry for my english, is little bit limited ;)
  10. Please add the features: snap to grid / guide for curve handles and x and y position on screen according to the ruler. Thanks, Banjina
  11. Hi all, new user. How do I snap a slice to layer bounds? Can't figure it out from snapping settings. TIA, Jack
  12. Is it possible to snap to points or objects when rotating an object?
  13. Hi guys, well I love the Affinity apps, but I have a tiny little suggestion which I think could help a lot: Add an option to simply make all objects snapping candidates. Let the user decide if it’s getting unwieldy and to switch to the shortlist limitation. Make this enabled by default. I would suspect that a vast number of users would leave this option enabled most of the time, if not always. Only when it truly gets unwieldy with too many snap candidates would they look through the snap options and discover that there is an option to switch down to a shortlist. Also, now actually realising that there is a shortlist, the user would then be mentally primed to find out how it works. This would all but eliminate the very understandable current user thought process of “snapping seems buggy, this app is flaky, how can they not have snapping sorted out in 2016? Back to Illustrator I go.” And it's not just a learning curve and app adoption thing. Even though I now know about the candidates shortlist, I would way rather switch it off right now and just effortlessly snap objects together! Cheers, Jules
  14. Sorry for the premature question but I don't know why the selection marquee is not snapping to the grid, when the grid is visible? Usually when the grid is visible and snapping is enabled, the selection rectangle snaps to the grid as I draw the selection out. This is not happening in APhoto. Any reason why not or am I just missing something really obvious? Thanks.
  15. Hi, I've recently bought Affinity Photo, and I am quite pleased with it. It feels very solid and snappy. At the moment there's one thing I can't get to work, and that's layer boundary snapping, in order to align two layers against each other. I've turned on all snapping options, but when I move a layer towards another layer, they simply overlap, no snapping occurs. A snapping line does appear when a layer nears the center of the canvas, and snapping works in that case. The same goes for canvas boundaries, that also works as expected. I'm using El Capitan and a consumer level Wacom tablet. Could the Wacom tablet be the culprit, as the driver takes over pointer control? Or am I just doing something wrong? Many thanks in advance for any replies.
  16. How to modify snapping panel to snap duplicated object by using Alt+Drag? I try to snap it to grid. Moving object normally works fine, but when Alt+Drag the duplicated object move freely.
  17. pen tool has some great snap options but I can't find snap to grid. I am sure its there but.....!
  18. I've got a couple of vector masks which are masking out two images. When I drag the masks together, with snapping turned on, they snap but leave a gap between them. A gap that's very clearly visible... what am I doing wrong? There's no stroke before you ask :D Driving me mad!
  19. I want to take the chance to congratulate the Affinity Designer team for their great software. My feature request for some future version is to be able to snap to line midpoints, endpoints and geometry intersections. Keep up the good work!
  20. I am trying to understand why snapping performance can be perfect and a breeze to line things up, then I go to another set of objects that need to line up relative to one another and then snapping totally bonks out and does not perform well at all. Are there special clicking patterns I need to do, meaning click one before the other to align to it. Just seems I always need to play with tolerance, which by the way how does it affect snapping, I may be doing it wrong. I should add that my objects are usually groups of several other objects, sometimes near 100.
  21. In the Export persona, with snapping turned on and "snap to spread" enabled, dragging a new slice will not snap it to the spread.
  22. Please add selection rectangle snapping to APhoto. When snapping is enabled and the grids are visible, when I drag a selection it is not snapping to the grid. Would be nice to enable/add this feature. Thanks.
  23. Hi, I'm new to Affinity Designer but used to Adobe Illustrator (Cs5) Im still using Trial Version but looking to use this a definitive alternative to the Adobe Cloud. One of the first things I noticed in A. Designer is the lack of snap functions. For example, I'd like to me able to have snap alinement lines, and snap to point. Is there a way to activate these? Thanks for any help. Tiago
  24. The 'Snap all when dragging' toggle doesn't seem to do anything when working in APhoto using a curve node. 1. Use the Pen Tool to draw a curve/line segment. 2. Switch to the Node Tool and select a node 3. Turn on the 'Snap all when dragging' toggle in the top toolbar area 4. Start dragging a node or multiple selected node or their handles. Nothing seems to snap to anything. As the help file points out, this feature is independent of the main snap setting. The other two toggles ('Snap to selected curves' and 'Snap to off-curve nodes') seems to be working fine. APhoto: 1.3.4 OS X: Mavericks 10.9.5
  25. I created a document which is now ready for printing. I realized, that I made it to big. A few millimeters. So I created a slice in the export personna and some guide lines, to cut off 2 millimeters on each side. Now, slices do not snap to my guide lines, and I just cannot position it properly. If there is an other way to cut my document by 2 millimeters on each side, let me know. I just need to export it as pdf for printing.
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