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  1. This does not work on Windows. You have to reopen the entire file. The same problem occurs on multiple pc's.
  2. We are opening a lot of PDF/Illustrator files. Most of the time fonts are missing. So we lookup the fonts on Google Fonts or another source and download + install them. Affinity shows the "notification" that the font cache is being updated. The PDF Options window does however not check again if the required fonts are installed. Could this feature be added??
  3. Hi Dan, According to the detector it looks like I don't have a lot of .net frameworks installed anymore When I try to install 4.7 I get an error that it's already installed. Anyhow; this is not a problem of Affinity. I will try an fix it myself. Thanks for hinting on .net framework
  4. Suddenly I cannot open any of the Affinity apps (Designer/Photo/Publisher). When I open the setup, SetupUI.exe reports the same problem. This application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000135). I am on Windows 1903 (build 18362.116).
  5. I would like to apply it on each layer indeed. But I've around 100 layers which need the ajustment. I don's see why the layer on top of it isn't exported however. Shouldn't the designer view be the same as the result?
  6. It there realy no automatic way to do this? I've a lot of layers. I tried to group all layers, but there is no way to "apply" the ajustment.
  7. I've a document with some layers with an single (recolor) adjustment above it. I use the export persona to export all layers to different images. The problem is that the color adjustment is not applied when the images are exported. Is there a way to include adjustments or merge the recolor adjustment into all underlying layers?
  8. Okay, a Newsletter persona is a little bit too much i think. I don't ask for a whole newsletter builder. (There are other programs for that.) Just a basic html exporter would be nice. If only for some prototyping. In Affinity Publisher this would make even more sense.
  9. I just noticed that the issue with the PSD is already been fixed in Photo Beta. But i just think it would be a good idea to add a scrollbar to prevent other errors that could happen causing this issue.
  10. Hi, I've a problem when importing a PSD File, but I think it could happen in more occasions. I get messages of "Unknown property: VectorOriginationData,keyOriginResolution". And so many that the whole popup fills my screen. This way I cannot close the popup. The image will explain. As a workaround you can use ESC, but it would be nice if a scrollbar is introduced (and the PSD import fixed :)).
  11. "As a private individual, you can download, install, use and run for personal use, one copy of the Serif Software directly on each computer running Microsoft Windows (“Windows Computer”) that you personally own or control. As a commercial enterprise, you can download, install, use and run one copy of the Serif Software for use either: ( a ) by one specific individual on each of the Windows Computer(s) that they use, own or control, or ( b ) by multiple individuals on a single shared Windows Computer that you own or control." Maybe add this info on the buy page. I could not find this anywhere.
  12. Thanks for the comment! Nice program. I will keep that in mind. An integrated explorer would be awesome. But it will take a lot of time to develop this. Affinity designer can already show thumbnails of it's .afdesign files. It shouldn't be that hard to implement this for RAW images?
  13. Hi, Affinity designer as the ability to preview it's file in windows explorer. Is it possible to add image preview to supported RAW files? Or is there any other way to show a grid of pictures? I made a lot of RAW images. How can I view them easily? Kind regards, Andreas
  14. A workaround if you have multiple images or objects with no transparent background around them: Group all visible objects. Note the group dimensions in the transform panel Set the dimensions of the document to the noted dimensions Set objects to Anchor to Page This is a post from more than a year ago.
  15. I know that this is not possible right know, this is why I asked to move this to feature request. Indeed when the surroundings are transparent or completely the same color (for example white backgrounds). If it's not than it's impossible to know where the subject starts.
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