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  1. That helped. Thank you very much. You saved me! Have a nice evening.
  2. Everything I can choose under Window (or "Fenster" in the German Mac version) does not change anything.
  3. Thank you, but that does not change anything. The different bars are still free floating and not attached to the window, as they should be.
  4. I don't what I did, but first all my bars, toolbar etc. were snapped to the top, to left or to the right of the window. But now, all these bars are no more connected to the window and can be moved. But I want them where they were. I don't know how to do that. How does that work?
  5. I am new to Affinity Photo and cannot find a good and quick way to turn a photo. The software opens all my portrait format pictures in the landscape format. How can I turn them quickl to the upright position?
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