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  1. Hello, I guess this is not free version of plugin?
  2. Hello, is there option or could You add such that it will allow to get picker average color from selection? Greetings, Mike
  3. Hello, is there any good method to remove lower quality JPEG artifacts from whole photo without loosing details and blurring? I've attached simple sample.
  4. Hello, I've just compared this beta to stable and there is something weird with simple round brush 300 px with opacity 100% flow 100% and hardness 0%. When I draw the line in stable it's ok but when I try to do the same in beta i see visible circles ( like there was problem with performance or flow ). Shouldn't this behave the same like in stable? I've attached samples. Update: Same issue is in also makes circles instead of line.
  5. @Madame thanks but i'm not sure if I understand all steps. Are You using first Frequency Separation and You are working on which layer? High Frequency or Low Frequency? Also are You dialing down yellows in HSL on Yellows channel and lowering saturation? Maybe You can share sample in APh format with history? I was trying to do FS with 43px and around 80%, almost all from high frequency was in my opinion to be removed ( whole layer ). Maybe I'm doing something wrong :)
  6. Thanks, I was thinking about frequency. Could this help with removing whole dust/noise for example like on that bill sample? I'll try this method later. :) I was using mostly: Flood selection tool and select color range with low values to remove dust and noise areas. I don't want to loose details.
  7. Hello, does anyone know good methods to recover pure state of scanned/photographed document pages with colors. Goals: Remove grain/noise Gray/yellow background convert to white Keep colors of stamps and details of text Optionally fix perspective My method: 1. Optional correction of perspective using Mesh Warp Tool and setting on source points to the corners of page and straightening curves. 2. Use Flood Selection Tool with ~20-25% tolerance not contigous on background and after that delete key, but the problem is i'm loosing too much details and text become too gray/invisible. 3. Use Inpainting Tool to remove separated noise/dust/scratches. 4. Use Undo Brush Tool on color stamps,text,graphics to recover it's colors saturation. 5. Use Erase Brush Tool on that color stamps recovered in 4th point to remove gray/yellow borders. Maybe there is better method to select for example all gray channel and remove it but without loosing details from text? Maybe someone knows faster and more accurate method than mine - using channels, levels, colors selection, etc. ? I remember that in Gimp there was something like Threshold - but there was problem with colors also. I provide few samples below.
  8. But this will be nice to have as an option, so that normal no snapping will be for example default.
  9. Thanks for info, anyway It would be nice to get such feature :) for precise work. I see that with Crop Tool is the same situation :)
  10. Hi, why snapping to grid/borders/etc is not working for Perspective Tools? Mersh Warp Tool Perspective Tool
  11. Would be nice if You finally add this feature to use Selection Brush Tool (W) with anti-alias option. I'm suprised that this option is not implemented in release 1.5 and beta versions. Similar effect could be achieved using Select > Feather (1px) for example, but this is not so comfortable in use. +1
  12. Hello, could You add Inpaint Missing Areas button to Crop Tool ( similar to this button from New Panorama - Crop Tool ) ? Would be nice to have such option especially when doing straightening of image ( that leads to creating missing areas ).
  13. It will be nice if there will be visible substracing shape ( with ALT ) selection using Marquee Tools. So far this only shows difference when I move over actual selection. Also maybe this is my issue but adding selection by clicking right mouse button is working randomly - 1st time it works, 2nd time it creates new selection and remove old ones. Good thing that You could add is showing small "-" or "+" sign near to selection so this will be informing what i'm actually doing.
  14. Hi, is this possible that guidelines / "guides" will be more comfortable to manage? I mean that if this is not patented it will be nice to just "move them" from borders of the image and allow moving them by selection ( if someone want to leave this move by pixel value method this could be added as an option ).
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