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  1. we WISH : Setup for : CIRCULAR Grid's to producing circular steps and grid snap. :) thnx
  2. Setup for : CIRCULAR Grid's to producing circular steps and grid snap. :)
  3. MANY THANKS FOR HELP TO : Reglico & Alfred :) Yes this is what i am looking for ! I would like to tryout of this tool! Maybe someone Admin of AD would like to send forward to integrate "this tools" for Drawing PRIMARY Important is : -Start radius (mm), -number of objects (1...1000pcs), -step length (mm) or (%), -rotation ( ° ) around themselves or around other selected object. And last ... for Grid Menu SECONDARY, this tool can be used in a GRID MENU to produce a Circular Grid's ! I think many people get interest about this Tool :rolleyes: thx, JB
  4. Ah ok , now ... i understand CMD+J ( a power tool ) affects to the line - thickness & step size. Ctrl/cmd + C and V ( a handwork tool ) work and doesn't affects - but not really useable for my Drawing 100 or more Circles and other shapes. 100 Time Copy / Size Change / Paste :blink: So, i have to use some external software or online tools ?! Maybe Affinity D. get soon some CHECK BOX to Lock/nonLock this Affects - if i use a CMD + J power tool ?
  5. How to create Multi Circles Array ? I would like to create a 100 Circle with increment radius ( inc. step as a Sample - 1mm or 0,5mm ) like this, but more circles please Help, JB
  6. @ Alfred Do you have some Idea please : How to draw 100 Circles with STEP-1mm from 100 mm down ? similar like this : Thanks for fast Reply
  7. Duplicate or Copy change the empty space distance btw. the lines - WHY ? PLEASE HELP No matter how I copy the group or duplicate multiple circles - the distance between the lines changes in proportion ? Why ? I want to keep the distances, how to do that please ? My steps is : 1. Drawing 10 Circles w. distance (step) of 0,5 mm (r-10mm, r-9,5mm, r-9mm ......) :blink: GREEN COLOR 2. Group this all 3. Copy and Paste OR Duplicate this Group ! 4. go to Trasfomation and change Group2 to 5mm X 5mm RED COLOR 5. FxCK look at this ... ......the Distance between the Circles is NOT 0,5mm Step. IT IS SMALLER ! :angry: 6.
  8. Hi Johnny, look at here i am using this : 1 STEP - choose the Arrow Object 2 STEP - choose the shape of the start and end of this Arrow
  9. now works everything thanks ! i think it was my USB MOUSE that making a problem with Affinity ! after changing works very well ! READY 1 WEEK NO CRASHES MORE ! :) @MattP yes you was right - i was wrong ... My Mac is of course not 2016 --- is mid2013 ! :rolleyes: small BUG in my keyboard ( i fix it ) hahahah Thanks again to all !
  10. oh Thanks MEB ! for the A Question , this is a good idea ! ------------ Second question was : After the First step, if the Stars Objects is moving around inside a Circle - i want to copy this all stars and paste inside a Stars Circle object ONE MORE but with smaller Radius = r As a Sample : STEP - Drawing Stars Object and Rotate around the Circle ( distance Center Point to Ceter point of the Stars Object 50 cm or r=50cm ) - similar like in Video that you send to me !!! 1 STEP - 220 Stars Objects with the Size of the "Stars Objects" = 100% and with r=50 cm my Target 2 STEP - "Stars Objects" with r=26,7 cm and the Size of the "Stars Objects "= 100% ( i don't want to redraw 1 STEP ) i want copy the 1 STEP, paste it and changing the (r to 26,7 cm) without to changing "Stars Object" Size 100% Hope this is more easy to understand - else i can drawing and post it my End target drawing Result. :blink:
  11. A - i have some Trouble with ROTATION CENTER POINT ... pls help My Target is to move ( rotate ) the objects over the "Center Moving Point" that i can replace - not a Obj Selection Center Point ! I am Attached a files how i am doing, what i am doing not right please ? 1- Drawing a Star 2- Moving a "CENTER Rotation Point" down 3- Enter the exact Angle number ( have to enter the numbers, not move over Hands ) 4- The CENTER POINT is moving together with object, not a Object around the Center point ! this is wrong . Thanks again :) B - Problem is : How to Lock the Object SIZE if i using the Transform ( Rescale Function ) to transform the Object Radius Size down - but NOT the Line width or Object Size ? Please Help :) thanks you very much
  12. THANK YOU to AFFINITY DESIGNER - now i am using ready 1 week of this APP. Now Working everything good, without crashes ! i :) i am changing the USB Mouse ! I like the POWER DUPLICATION and Magnetic Rotation point, before with PS i have all the time Problems, with this Magnetic Tool is more easy and faster to work ! Not anyone need any Function, but some people need all the time ! :rolleyes: Hope with the next Updates get some next new Function like a: HELIX or SPIRALS ? Thanks JB
  13. HI MEB, now CRASH nr. 4 i dont do anything 1 - AFFINITY is on Background. 2 - SAFARI is open and i am looking a Affinity Tutorial Video on the page Video2Brain here is the APPLE PROTOCOL: Anonymous UUID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ( my ID ) Wed Apr 20 00:15:28 2016
  14. Hi MEB, At the Time of the Crashes i am tryout different Functions - NEW FILE .... and -a Painting and Changing a Different SHAPES ( gear ) -at the last Time i am tryout to send Different .PNG Files over iMessage ( all both messages was Transmitted, but after was Crashed if i changing the Colors on the Objects ..... nothing specials , normal Things. if you need a File, just write me. By the Next Crash , can send you a Apple Protocol File too ! or uploading here if you like. Thanks JB

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