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Found 138 results

  1. Hey guys, I recently made a logo design for myself in affinity designer. I will mostly use it for my ident on behance, twitter and youtube. Any thoughts on this one? For a closer look and different versions check out my behance: www.behance.net/yannikw
  2. I created this logo in Affinity Designer for a local client.
  3. Between work this week, I've been playing with a new logo...partly because my bird doesn't work in printed applications but mainly because I'm a fussy idiot who cant stop tinkering. Anyway, Ive whittled my designs down to three feather designs, but cant pick which one is best. Earlier designs were way over complicated and way over engineered, so I have cut some fat and tried to keep an element of readability....the first rounded one although looks great also looks like a 'D' so the middle and last have a more feather look. (The logo will be used landscape and tower as it is now)
  4. Made with Designer. It is the redesign of the logo a solar energy company. They were not happy with his ex-designer :P Now we are happy. Thanks affinity, this design is impossible in Ai (quickly, love the color noise and effects in real time).
  5. Dear all, I am trying to create a simple vector shape logo, however when I use the divide boolean tool to erase certain parts of shapes I get a very thin white space between the divided shapes. I am probably doing this wrong, however would like to know if there is a way of dividing or erasing certain parts of shapes places on each other without this space as it is not as crisp as i would like. I have attached a photo to show what I mean. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks :-)
  6. Here are a couple files I'm working on. One is a drawing of a dwarf I made some 20+ years ago and AD finally let me bring it digital in a satisfactory way. (Been trying for 11 years. 1 hour in AD and I finally had it. Take that Adobe!) The other is my company logo on a lock screen I'm working on. The planet atmosphere isn't where I want it and the space aurora is missing. Pure AD except the startled, which is a stock image. Making all those white circles in AD is an overwhelming notion to me.
  7. Hi there, I want to create a logo and insert this within multiple other artboards. Is it possible to do so without having to copy it every time the "master"-logo is changed? regards :)
  8. Concerning import a logo and C4D. In Adobe Illustrator you have to save a logo in version 8 (a very older version of AI) and still a very weird workflow I think. Therefore, is it possible to use the latest version of Designer to export a logo to C4D? Exporting such a file that could be read by C4D in a direct way to import a logo into C4D. That would be a very huge benefit for all the graphic designers out there using CGI.
  9. My Strawberry Monkey is looking kinda dapper don't you think? Had some inspirational moments from something I saw online and I thought i'd attempt to make MSM look stylish in AD. Check out his watch. Want one... Allan
  10. If i would ever need to brand my name, i would make it look something like this.
  11. Really amazing Software i feel happy and now this software is my daily driver
  12. Hello everybody. I share you my last project. i work in one printing house, and all of my notepads are full ! and you know, how cost one moleskine ! So I got the cheaper idea : create and print for myself at lowest prize ! I choose 10x15mm. Pantone 012, 032, 072U. For the paper i take 320 Rives textured for the cover and inside 150 Offset paper ! i also have the idea to create hole for my business cards ( i lose them every time !) on the last pages ! I use Affinity Designer to create it ! i use the last beta for the Pantone support. I wanted to have best CMYK reproduction, because my Digital press can make a conversion (better dan if AD make the conversion). Thanks for watching ! and thank for sharing your opinion ! Clém
  13. Versión Man of Steel Designer (vector) and Photo (effects). I love this software.
  14. Hello. You've been very helpful so far. I'm almost done with my logo. I want to make the center of my logo look like a round window. That white cog would be the window frame. I want to add four white triangles to represent window panes and I want the outside of the triangles to perfectly align along the radius of the window. I've added two files for you to inspect. How do I do that?! Teach me! Thanks. Hub Edge Realty - Logo (20151007).pdf Hub Edge Realty - Logo, Edited (20151007).pdf
  15. Hello. I just bought Affinity Designer today. To say that I'm inexperienced at this type of stuff would be an understatement but I'm a relatively quick learner. I've watched a ton of videos last night and today. I'd like to create a three letter monogram in a circle. I hired a designer to make a logo but I'm unhappy with his work. And you know what? I want to learn something new. I've attached his latest design and I like it, mostly, but I feel like the lettering is lazy. I'd like to manipulate the letters so that they fill the circle but I don't want to distort the font so that it's unrecognizable. Can you give me some tips? Thanks!
  16. Hey all, I run an annual collaborative writing event, and used Designer to produce all of the brand materials associated with the event. The designs themselves are all pretty simple / minimal (as you'll see below), but I was impressed with what an intuitive and easy to use environment Designer was to play around with some ideas and refine them from within the program. Materials produced include the logo (below) which was then reused for things like the forum badge shown in my signature. I also produced a design for use on t-shirts and mugs... Like I said, all pretty minimal design but (hopefully you'll agree) good for the purpose and not too in-your-face or distracting.
  17. Hey guys! Today I played around with the displace live filter. It’s a very nice and powerful tool to simulate folds of cloths, but also cracks in walls (like shown in one of the official tutorial videos by Affinity), grainy paper textures and so on … This is my first »tutorial« … ever. If you may call it one. So forgive me for eventual mistakes. Though It’s pretty much self-explanatory and not that hard to follow, I think. ;) Like I captioned the video: basically you want to create a separate image with a greyscale profile (at least that’s how I do it), reduced noise and texture plus a good balance between high, low and mid values. Grey fabrics work best if you want to change the colour afterwards. Maybe this helps, have fun playing around with different backgrounds! ;) Cheers Dennis
  18. This were based on a chat between, an American, a Canadian and one of 'em blokes; from t'place stuffed with rhubarb, whippets, and flat caps.... Purely tongue in cheek lad! :P peter EDITED with grammar yorktube.afdesign
  19. Heres a set of duplicate personal logo designs i created.
  20. Are alias objects planned? All users would like that feature if a search and replace objects tool will not be integrated sooner.
  21. just want to collect some opinions ^^ i really like that style of logo design but what about you guys?
  22. I would like to see how you use Affinity Designer and/or Photo for mockups from sites like Graphicburger, how you prepare your stuff with the Affinity apps for presenting it to clients, online battles or a portfolio. It would be very helpful for me and other newbies. thx.
  23. Original logo sent to me by my client. My clients agency did the original logo design in illustrator. Logo look was reworked by me in Affinity AD, but Staying close to what the original design was intended to communicate. 10 second outro animation created in Apple Motion I will post the actually 10 second outro animation when I finally approved. I just wanted those of you who may wonder if you can create assets in AD to be exported and animated in other products. This was a question I received in a post on youtube. UPDATE: Here is the final 10s animation
  24. My first pig farmer customer... :lol: They are breeding a new kind of pig, strolling around ours hills freely. The commission was about a logo to make a trademark. After eating this (together with some red wine) I got the right inspiration.... I started sketching an outline, and harmonized it once in AD Playing with booleans and node tool I defined main curves And finalized the desired shape This is the final logo
  25. Here is a brand new lesson for Affinity Photo. In this tutorial we look at placing text/logo in perspective using Affinity Photo. We look at using 3 examples. https://youtu.be/jv3szSbyu80 Go be creative and show us your results. Allan
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