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  1. paulinew

    Affinity.Graphics is LIVE!

    Me too - I have emailed them with a screenshot.
  2. I am trying to design a logo to send to a stock library (Dreamstime) who want jpg but also eps if available. I don't understand (sorry if I'm being a bit thick) the different eps presets - export, print, web, flatten. I have searched every tutorial and video I can find with no luck, so it must just be me :-) Can somebody please explain the differences, particularly between export and print presets for eps and jpeg. Thanks in anticipation
  3. Thank you for that - and for the tip about the shortcut. I am working through the workbook and am finding it extremely useful.
  4. I have seen some posts about this from a couple of years ago, but cannot find an answer yet. Is it possible to duplicate just one segment of a curve for use on another layer? Sorry if this has been answered before and I have missed it. Pauline
  5. paulinew

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the discount on the workbook which I have been wanting to buy since you published it but it was a bit beyond my means. I love Affinity Designer - it is every bit as good as Illustrator as far as I am concerned and I feel I am very lucky to have found it! Pauline
  6. paulinew

    Affinity Designer - 1.5.2

    Wow you've been busy - thanks very much for this. Installed with no problem and working fine. Pauline

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