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  1. Thanks GarryP! I do agree that they could use some grunge background as well. Like most of my other designs. But for these, I was just toying with t-shirt ideas possibly so wanted to stay rather basic. I also agree on possibly using a different font for the Sinners one. I love the designs you pointed me to as well! Killer work!
  2. Thanks again, jer! I loved how the bokeh turned out as well! It was around the holidays and that was in front of my tree. Exactly what I was going for. I couldn't get the steam controlled how I wanted it, so I actually added that in post.
  3. Thanks jer! I wasn't sure if it would work or not, but due to the length of the picture it seemed to call for it.
  4. After messing with photography, editing and a little bit of design work I finally got AD and I absolutely love it. I do a lot of marketing and design stuff for my band but there's a certain limit to what I can do before I have to source it out. I'm slowly finding my bearings and am looking forward to learning more and developing in the realm of an amateur graphic designer. Here's a couple of simple ones I recently did just to get a hand of a few techniques. Comments and criticism welcome!
  5. Here's my first try and doing a double exposure. I always loved the style and wanted to see if I could do it. Both underlying photos were taken by me and then edited in Affinity Photo. Comments and critique welcome!
  6. Good day! I'm fairly new to the whole photography thing let along photo editing. I'm absolutely in love with Affinity and its ease of use and user interface. Anyways, here's a few random shots that I've done and edited with AP. Comments and critique welcome!
  7. Correct. It's pretty much what Alfred said. Play around with your colors and on the test layer, look at the blending options. Color burn is what was used here I believe. Also play with a bit of the opacity to help achieve the desired look. Again, this is also coming from a newbie.
  8. I didn't know it was forbidden! Haha! And thanks for the input and info! I always love learning and evolving. I'm sure there are MANY ways I can improve and will definitely be learning as I go. I will definitely read over those articles this weekend. I didn't put a ton of time into font choice admittedly and at the time, I didn't have many options. I definitely could have fixed the kerning and maybe that'll be the last time I use Papyrus! ;)
  9. Why thank you! I really put some hard work into any of the ones to do with the band. The others were specifically asked for so I didn't have TOO much creative control. But I was very happy with the way the Blackwood Sinners stuff turned out! I appreciate the compliment!
  10. Hey Guys!! Newbie here! I'm new to the design and editing world in general. I came across afPhoto as a means of editing some photography I do and man, was I Impressed!!! I recently tried out afDesign and am really digging it. I love both programs! Anyways, here are some various designs I've created using either afphoto, afdesign or a combination. Thoughts, comments and constructive criticism are encouraged!
  11. Hey guys! New poster (and user) here! I've done some designs and have been messing around with the programs. Originally, being an amateur photographer I got Affinity Photo for editing and quickly realized the amazing uses I could do with it. I do a lot of design work for the band now, logos for tshirts and stickers, show posters... I recently downloaded the trial for Affinity Designer and man, am I ever impressed!!! I will be buying it as well. Again, I'm still pretty new at this whole world and learning every day so take it east on me! Haha.. Constructive criticism is definitely welcome! Anyways, here is my first real crack at it. I designed our entire album packaging (cover, back and insert panels. Here is a picture of the cover done with Affinity Photo.
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