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  1. YonderBen

    How can I make this more realistic?

    A cheap way to do this would be to buy a pack of that slot-together wood flooring stuff. I've had to do similar in the past using kitchen tiles instead of a 'proper' backdrop.
  2. YonderBen

    Affinity wallpaer

    Thank you.
  3. YonderBen

    How can I make this more realistic?

    Lowering the radius of the outer shadow would help.
  4. YonderBen

    Affinity wallpaer

    Agreed! The Photo and Designer logos are very good. From what I've seen the Affinity Publisher logo will match nicely.
  5. I was playing around in Blender and made a 3D glass Affinity logo, decided to do something with it. the background image is from here. Thoughts and opinions welcome. Here is another simple wallpaper I knocked together. Original image by ESA/Hubble.
  6. Hello, a quick question. Before Christmas I purchased 10 Affinity Photo licences and was told I'd receive a copy of the Affinity Photo Workbook in the post as well. I'm wondering when I might expect the workbook to arrive.