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  1. I can no longer print any of my Craft Artist files; it was working up to a few months ago. As I have spent a lot on the software etc., can I save the files as jpg. or pdf.? Otherwise, why are they not printing? Printer okay with every other type of file and programme.
  2. Having spent 2 hours and 35 pages and searching for affinity tutorials on the print dialogue box and trying to get double sided printing I have to post. From windows 10 using an HP colour laser printer that has duplex functionality - I checked doc set up, tried various combinations on my printer and the affinity print dialogue but to no avail. Then I noticed that everytime i set the printer dialogue box from "properties" and returned to the affinity print dialogue box and then checked the printer dialogue its "Print double sided" setting was turned back off. What I can not seem to find in any affinity tutorial are the following: 1. Should I be setting something in the "Model" "drop down menu" 2.Should there be something specific I should set in the "double sided" drop down menu 3.Just as a by note to spoil your day, but I also norticed tat despite having A4 set in paper size the dimensions at the bottom of the print dialogue box did showsomething silly like 69cm x 98 cm or something like that, though when I accessed this drop down menu and just selected A4 again the correct measure ments did show, no big deal.
  3. I am having issues printing from Affinity Designer. It always seems to print bitmap images very pixelated, no matter what the resolution or what printer I am printing to. It also NEVER remembers my print settings. If I export my documents as PDFs and print from Acrobat or Preview they print the bitmap images fine. Anyone know what's going on?
  4. Is there a way to print thumbnails of page spreads, outlined, in pairs, so the spreads are each clearly defined? In the very old days, PageMaker did this very nicely. I can make a cheesy workaround for now, with outline rectangles at the extreme edges of the master pages, but when printed, all the spreads run together as an evenly-spaced array. I see that I can adjust the V-gap, in the N-up setting, but this will separate each page, not the page pairs. Thanks for any ideas...
  5. I am just starting my own direct to garmwnt printing busines and I am having a problem with affinity designer and acrorip. As you can see from the pictures the colour that affinity and acrorip shows is not the same as the print on the t-shirt. I am working in cmyk 8 with u.s. web coated (swop) v2 colour profile. I have exported as a jpeg because acrorip doesn't like .tiff or off files. I also managed to get the same colour profile on acrorip. Please help.
  6. I have happily entered and saved a test publication on Mac- but whatever I do, when I seek to print it, nothing appears on paper. I transferred the contents to my copy of Pageplus (on Windows)and told that to print it - and no problem. When I select print on Publisher, the usual screens appear but the preview on screen of the print has the right number of pages but is bland - and that is how the hard copy turns out. What can I be doing wrong.If I try to save my Publisher text as pdf, again, the right number of pages appears - but no text. What am I doing wrong? PMB
  7. Simple, 2-page document, letter-sized. Double-sided printing options are working backwards-- flip short side actually flips on the long edge, and flip long side actually flips on the short edge. I have seen a print driver that under certain circumstances gets this backwards, but in this case, I'm using a printer and driver that I print to many times a day in exactly this fashion, and other applications work correctly with the same printer and driver. Otherwise enjoying so far.
  8. Publisher is connected to printer, paper is coming out the printer, but my print is blank. Perhaps printing is not allowed in beta?
  9. Hi I hope someone can help me. I have a windows 10 desktop computer using wireless to a HP envoy printer. When I try to print from affinity programme I get the printer starting then as it prints a line it stops and rejects the paper as if it has been completed. I am fully updated with all the windows 10 upgrades. This used to print fine but for some reason has started to do this which is very frustrating. Any advice will be gratefully received. I do not have any printing problems on other programmes.
  10. Hi One very useful feature on Photo Plus was the ability to print multiple / different images at set sizes on various paper sizes. I can't find this feature on Affinity. Would really appreciate this to be added Thanks
  11. I purchased Affinity designer last year and had no problems with it. I am now having massive problems in so fact that I cannot print it only prints the top half the top line of any sentences and then throws the paper out as if it has completed. I am using windows 10 with all the upgrades. I have a HP envoy wireless printer. This problem is really frustrating me as I use it to print information on posters. Can you please help. Thanks Eryl.
  12. I know that similar subjects were posted on this forum before in different places, but now when time to public beta of Publisher is near, I think it's good to remind this. To unleash the whole power of Affinity Range, we need proper pro printing tools, like good preflight, good colour management, ink coverage measurement... Simply, all what is industry standard for this kind of work. I think that all these tools should be quite similiar (at least at some major points) to Adobe products. (For now, people designing for example in AD, must also use Adobe Acrobat Pro, pdfToolbox or other software if they want to print something at pro standard - and to avoid money loss because of wrong printing results) And a quick question, because I saw in some general topics, that such tools, maybe will be introduced in Publisher, and then maybe will be transferred in future to AD and maybe Photo too. But I wanted to create recent, separate topic for this, because this is quite important. So.... maybe my feature request is now ready in some shape (in APub?) or at least You can say something more about this? I have seen video sneak previews for AD 1.7 and all features are awesome and I'm waiting for an update. Also I have of course seen APub short video preview but...it was short and there was nothing about printing features, but I think that this is very important for many of us here. To be honest, already I'm waiting with some shopping and other business decisions to see what you guys have prepared for us and I think that I'm not alone And after AD and APhoto I believe in you guys.
  13. I have tried many combinations of parameters, but I cannot get an 8x10 photo printed at the right size on letter paper when the photos have a narrow outline created by Layer Effects. Parts of the border are not printed. For Example: I have a flat photo resized to 10"x8" inch at 300dpi. I use layer effects to add a narrow inner outline. I print on a Canon pixma MG7720. Parts of the outline are not printed. I use these parameters: Check Borderless printing (does not seem to affect outcome) In AP paper size is set to custom(8x10) Pixma page setup tab: Page size custom(8x10). Printer page size "letter" Page layout: Scaled (100%)
  14. I'm building a replacement website for my 7-year-old outdated site and need to edit my photos for this new platform. 1. For a photography site that retains large files for automatically sending to the print lab and as the file can be printed at varying sizes (on paper, canvas, etc.), should I save a file at it's original size but at a 300DPI? As these are photos taken over many years with different types of cameras, some images may be 72DPI, others higher, also many are from film cameras. 2. If all need to be saved as 300DPI for optimal printing, then what is the best way to save the file without resizing the original file? (I'm new to AP.) (My site displays optimised file sizes for website speed, so don't need duplicated files.) Many thanks
  15. Hi, I'm using Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo at my MacBook. I want to print a detail section of my paper in Affinity Designer. I noticed, that my origin print menu ist missing! As I open: "Menu" - "Print", then open up my Mac only grey simple print options of Mac to choose printer, paper size, paper orientation and so on. There is no longer the black menu for detailed print options of Affinity Designer with adjustments of "Full Paper" or "Section of paper" or "print without backgound" or "resolution" and so on. (sorry to my bad translation, I don't no the english words. hope you know what I mean.) Recently, I updated to High Sierra. Is there any correlation? Can you help me how to get the black detailed print options of Affinity Desiger back? RegardsAnit
  16. Photograph is just an image until it is printed. Yeah... Photographers needs to print their images to get them to be photographs, be them in the books, as prints in album or walls or table etc. We just need to get the images out from the digital devices to the physical world to really get the value and impact to them. So, many knows that printing is expensive, either by ordering prints or then doing prints by yourself. And all who does printing knows the basics of "soft proofing" but even that is just a trial and error method really. Adobe Lightroom (and few others) has a modern "print layout" feature where you can just select templates and place images in order and then just order print or press "print" and it comes out from the printer. But that is useful really only at the final results! The Affinity Photo (and incoming Affinity Digital Asset Management) would really help many photographers by offering a real "soft proofing" method. That is the feature from the darkroom era etc, where first we did a contact sheet so we could see easily negatives later on what we had. Then when we had chosen what we started to process, we needed to do a exposure test strip so we could bracket the correct exposure for the print before we start to work it. And then we did these on the smaller papers that were cheaper than using a final paper size. Like if we wanted to make a 20x30" print, we didn't do these evaluation tests for such size! We used all the scrap paper we had or size that could fit our negatives (usually single sheet of 8x10" paper for contact sheet). And here is the request: To offer to let us get this automated very easily to save money and time! Let us select a images we want to get printed Then let us to choose the final print size that will be the target like 30x20cm (this is crucial for sharpening, resolution, denoise evaluation) After that we select the test print size like 10x15cm. Now comes the easiness as well, we can select "strip" as well for the selected "test print", so the print is divided for a selected strips (like 1-5) and each strip can have a different settings (sharpening, contrast, saturation etc etc) or even files (copies of the same file of course)! This would allow easily anyone to import image to Affinity Photo, process it like they consider it to be a final one. And then export it to "soft proof" persona. And there user selects the final print size that is the target (like I want that 30x20cm print to be final) and then selects the test print size that is the paper size that is really going to be used to produce the test prints. And then we can choose a amount of strips for a test print and select each strip and make some special adjustment to each of them. And then print that/share that out so we can see what were the real results on print in final print size look! Example: Take image, adjust colors, contrast, sharpness. Then export it to "soft proof" persona and select target to be 20x30cm 300DPI print and test print a 10x15cm. Now the image gets overlay crop box that is size of 10x15cm related to the final 30x20cm 300DPI print (so 1/4 of print area) that we can move to position we want (we can have multiple of these!) and then we can select the amount of strips ie. 4. And then we can click each of the strips and edit each of the strip as individual by control values of the adjustments we did on the whole image (color adjustment, contrast and sharpness like we did above) but this is done just with +/- slider. It doesn't allow to apply a new effects but only ones we did and that matters in printing (like DPI value, colors, contrast, sharpening etc) and each strip gets easy way to set them up/down. So we get ie test print size of 10x15cm with 4 slides and each strip has +20 sharpening adjustment compared to next one. So strips are Original +20 Sharpening +40 Sharpening +60 Sharpening Or with other adjustment it could be like: Original 600 DPI 300 DPI 150 DPI Or with saturation: -10 saturation Original +10 saturation +20 saturation We get the 10x15cm test print files we can save (and get all the information overlaid even if wanted to strip corners so we can see later on what were the difference in settings). And now it is cheap to go and order or print these 10x15cm prints and get a "soft proofing" that way as contact/test sheet without going through lots of custom cropping, laying down the cropped parts as layers, adjusting each layer little differently and then getting them rescaled etc correctly for the image. And who says it would be limited to strips? Of course we could example select a 20x20cm test print with 5x5 grid with target of 30x20cm. And then we can use X and Y scales for a different settings. Like vertical lines for contrast and horizontal rows for a sharpness. Set the center (3x3 grid position) as default and then have sharpness and contrast to go from - values to + values at left to right. It could be hue, saturation etc. Then when we do a single 20x20cm print we can easily see the difference in settings and select the wanted one for final.
  17. Any chance of incorporating the option to manage printing with icc profiles totally within the iPad app? E.g. when i use the print dialogue i am given the choice of printing as is and letting my printer do all color management, I would like to have the option to let the app control the colour output by having the option to apply an icc profile to my image as i print it. Similar to the process found in dare i say it.....photoshop Cheers in anticipation
  18. Hi I am considering purchase. Want to be sure I will be able to import a template (usually circular) create a label with layers and them export finished file as a pdf? Thank you in advance for your answer! Ronii
  19. I've been slowly working through the exercises in Affinity Photo Workbook and so far I think the book is very well done. In Chapter 3 on page 170 the process is described for exporting a photo for print as a TIFF file. When attempting to follow these steps, AP tells me the document does not allow exporting. I can't save a copy of this image either. Is this done to protect the copyright holder of this image in the workbook to prevent non-authorized use? I'm assuming these steps will work on one of my own images. Just curious.... Thanks, Ed
  20. As per the title, I would like to see duplex printing supported in Affinity Designer on Windows. It has been discussed about a year ago here: I've tried with two different printers, one Dell and one Oki (which is a full PostScript printer). Designer ignores the duplex settings completely on both.
  21. Hi Guys - Does anyone print their work directly using a Canon Pro printer and if so do you ever have problems? Every time I print directly from an art board it is always a fight on my end. Example, noise won’t print like what I see on my screen. Paper size error. Effects don’t print etc... I am using a Mac and Sierra (afraid) to upgrade to High Sierra because I had nightmares last time. My Canon drives are updated for Sierra as well. Any advise would be very helpful. Thanks!
  22. Hi, Is there a way to make the text on path show in reverse? If I use the mirror/horizontal flip it just positions the text on the path differently. For example if you dray a circle and place the word 'Word' on the path. I wont it, and everything else in my design to print out back-to-front so it can be used as an iron-on transfer. Any help would be appreciated. Andy
  23. Hi, My wife has a craft hobby (obsession) and I regularly have to use AP and/or AD (ver 1.5 on MS Surface Pro 4) to edit or create small and medium bespoke items for her items. I use artboards to create small individual items - for example, a line of text that is curved or a series of small shapes. These are then printed off onto a special A4 transparent sticker to be cut out and applied to the created item. My question is: When I select a single small artboard to print, AD wants to print it in the center of the page, it is not economical or practical to print a single line of text - that is going to be cut out and stuck onto a birthday card for example - in the center of an A4 sheet. Is there a way to select my artboard for print, then move it or make it print at the top edge of the special A4 paper rather than the middle? At the moment I have to create a new A4 doc and copy and paste my selected item into the new docs top edge and print that. Not an ideal procedure. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Andy
  24. Is there a way to print the shortcuts? Or perhaps export them to open elsewhere and print? Many thanks!
  25. hi all, I am very new to affinity photo and photo editing, I am after some help on how to set my photo up for print, what setting I need to have it in ? I've tired to print a photo before but it came out rough looking and really dotty looking , and help would be great thanks
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