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  1. As suggested to Walt I resized (to 9x7.2 inch) so that there was plenty of room for the picture -- the printout looks great and the printed image is as specified (9x7.2) AP dialogue Layout Paper size "custom" (8x10) Canon Page Setup Tab: Page Size: Custom(8x10), Canon Printer Paper Size: Letter (8.5x11) Note that in Canon Page Size is different from Printer Paper Size. Page Layout: scaled (100%) It appears to me now that the AP dialog Paper Size refers to Canon Page Size and not to Canon Printer Paper Size. This is what caused my initial confusion
  2. Walt Farrell, I buy my photo paper online and Canon and HP offer bargains on that size. I want exact 8X10 prints in order to fit them into standard frames. Also I have tried various combinations of letter and 8x10 specifications in the print dialogues without success. P.S. Eventually I will resize the photos in order to leave white space around the framed print and to allow the printed border to show up more.
  3. I have tried many combinations of parameters, but I cannot get an 8x10 photo printed at the right size on letter paper when the photos have a narrow outline created by Layer Effects. Parts of the border are not printed. For Example: I have a flat photo resized to 10"x8" inch at 300dpi. I use layer effects to add a narrow inner outline. I print on a Canon pixma MG7720. Parts of the outline are not printed. I use these parameters: Check Borderless printing (does not seem to affect outcome) In AP paper size is set to custom(8x10) Pixma page setup tab: Page size custom(8x10). Printer page size "letter" Page layout: Scaled (100%)
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    Hi, Julian Epstein here. I am a 78 year old photo hobbyist and ex-software developer. I have used very many photo editors over the years starting with PS CS2 and continuing until CS5. Similarly, I bought and used several Lightroom releases over the years. In fact, I started my digital photo editing by editing scanned photos from my film camera. Affinity Photo is the best editor I have tried - no question.
  5. From watching the videos, I concluded that you can retain photo quality by using File|Place instead of Document Resize. Is that correct? for example: Using Resize to shrink a 6000 x4800 pixel image to 3000 x2400 pixels gives the same result as using File|Place to place the large image into the target and using the move handles to shrink the image. What about the Resize Document's resample method? This might be important in choosing print job workflow.