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  1. wumpabill

    First edit with Affinity Photo

    Wow this is very good, love all what you did here with affinity photo :)
  2. wumpabill

    adding watermark to images

    Here is a video for making a brush in AD and put it in AP brushes https://youtu.be/ZCIdx9I2SUQ
  3. Can you use brushes that we make for A designer be used in A Photo? If you can ,how do you import them into A Photo, I did try to import some brushes made for A Designer and I imported them in to A photo but do not see them
  4. Thank you MEB,,, so far none of my 8BF filters work I have the unknown box checked to allow. Also what about the Filters Unlimited, will it work??
  5. Will 8BF filters work with Affinity Photo?? And will Filters Unlimited work?
  6. Hello Drippy Cat,, well I joined in on your classes for Affinity Photo, will start this week end doing the lessons, so far from what I have seen ,I should learn a lot, hope to talk at you at the lessons, have a nice day. I am using Windows 10 64 bit
  7. wumpabill

    Resize Image

    Thank you James Ritson and MEB this helps a lot . I will do it as you all say, I thought the canvas was like you say, it is better to use resize the document for resizing the photo James Ritson,, I agree the resize/resize canvas Video, is a bit confusing , to much talk in the video thanks for helping on this
  8. Hello MEB I am Using Affinity Photo windows pc I have watch the video on resizing and canvas resize,, I guess I must be dumb. I do not understand why there is two ways to resize, resize image and resize canvas. All I want to do is resize my photo smaller so the file is not so big. Following the video is really very frustrating. Can you tell me how to do a simple photo resizing?? Using the way it says in the video has a lot of steps to go thru. I do a lot of photo work and resizing is done a lot in my work. I hope MEB can help on this
  9. Yes all browsers, and I am using a PC, not a Mac, windows 10 pro 64 bit
  10. Have not change any browser settings, I am the only using this computer, no body here ever gets on my computer,, this is the onl site that closes me out and have to sign back in every time I come to it
  11. I have not deleted anything in my browser,
  12. Patrick, I am always on a lot and I never sign out , I sign in and go thru the forum and close out and come back fairly quick and I am signed out, so I have to sign back in all the time. I do not think it is my browser, this just started of this issue since I changed the password
  13. wumpabill

    Key Shortcuts!

    I use the short cuts frequently, on both AD and AP programs, the short cuts quit working. This is what happens: when I watch a video for a tut and work with AD or AP the short cuts will stop working after a very short time. But If I put the video running on my lap top and do my work using AD or AP on my desk top all works perfect.. So as you see using the AD or AP program and tutorial on just one computer the short cut keys stop working. Is the a way you can take care of this issue?
  14. Does all of the video tutorials have a closed caption button so we can see the words, for I have many members that have a hearing disability? So we need the see the words they speak on a video. So is this possible, to have CC on all videos, As I have checked and most Vemo videos there is no CC
  15. How do I stay signed in to the forum? I sign in to the forum and when I close it out and come back later I always have to sign in again. Can any one please help on this issue?

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