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  1. Hi MEB is there any difference in functionality between Customer and public versions of Photo. Are tutorials relevant for both photo and designer ie functions? Thanks for your help so far..... I want to buy this software but I need to learn how to use it and there seems to be much more help available for lightroom and photoshop.... Thanks Nigel
  2. I would like to seperate my product image from the background so it can be used in both (fabricated) lifestyle type images and on white backgrounds for web and brochure use. I am really struggling to achieve this and would be happy to find a tutorial / course that could help me be proficient with AP (affinity photo) few questions; 1. what is the key difference between designer and photo as much of the forum seems to mix the two? 2. what is the difference between customer and public beta in terms of functionality? There are not many youtube tutorials out there as yet so any help would be appreciated otherwise have to send the images to an agency for them to do the task for me.... or is there anyone out there who can do this job for me for a fee? Thanks, Nigel
  3. I have a desktop imac and mac book pro and want to use affinity photo on both.... how can i download the beta to the second computer?
  4. Hi MEB (?) thanks for your reply... please find images attached showing before and after but to be frank I can not replicate... having trouble uploading the original jpeg for some reason.... the vase with red, is preetty much where i want to get to...... Any pointers? Thanks and regards Nigel
  5. I have product images and want to extract the product from background and lay it over a white background and as a vector(?) the output would ba a product image on a white background and secondly a file where the product can be extracted to place over another item to produce a group image (eg Vase, Bowl and Plate) from seperate images
  6. Thanks Ronny... seems to be a long winded method compared to lightroom which is so much simpler.... Would it be worth suggesting as a product improvement for all those who want to prevent images being 'stolen'?
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