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  1. JEndert

    Nik Plugins

    In the beta AP the NIK plugins v2.11(Google) keeps on "updating fonts" and allows you to make adjustments (ColorEFX2), but when saving the image to AP.. it crashes and you need to completely restart AP Beta.. The normal AP, has no such issues with the same plugin.
  2. JEndert

    PDF export to Create Booklet

    Found it in the print menu :
  3. Yep that did the trick! Thanks!
  4. Have that too.. and on High Sierre on a Macbook Pro 2016 .. Reinstall and Restart didn't fix the glitch
  5. Also updated both AP and AD.. Photo worked once, but now crashes.. snif
  6. Hi Mark, tried that on my iPad Air 2 - after the initial frustration of a not working app in Dutch :) after a switch to English UK it worked fine, but switching back to Dutch wasn't the solution, but for now thats ok.. enjoying the incredible power of APhoto on the iPad.. and waiting for 1.6.1 :) keep up the good work. Jorgen