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  1. Thanks for your help, I tried several things but solved the problem by cleaning the preferences in the users library, and a clean install of Afpub
  2. Since yesterday, I have a 'View' faillure. Cant see, guides, margins, baseline grid, etc. I tried if it happens in a new document, and yes it did. Is there anyone who can help to solve this problem?
  3. Sorry Walt, it was my fault TOC is working okay, (but not on character style tekst?).
  4. AAAUUUWWW.... Do we have to go back to INDESIGN? for proper table of contents?
  5. Am I happy with affinity Publisher? Yes and No. Please solve these problems IDML import) for a book of 300 pages, I have to uncheck page by page in textframe 'use baseline grid, and fill in, minimum values in vertical position... This cost me lots and lots of time and its very irritating. – Word textimport) not possible to handle styles before import... I do not understand why, – even in version 1.9.0 – these things are not already solved. For large and complicated typgraphic jobs, I have to stay and prefer working in Indesign. hope these quircks are solved in next versions.
  6. Thanks for your comment. I installed the 'Dutch (Nederlands) language' and found it in my AFpub textstyle window. (see my screenshots below), but still, it wont work; nothing happens... [even the English language selected, hypens better than selected de Dutch. Is there stil something missing, or did I still something wrong? Can I remove as a try "Info.plist"? Gamtak Hi Walt,
  7. Hi, I think its related to the used language you want to hypen. In Dutch bookdesign you still need InDesign till Affinity supports it. I am happy with AfPub, but for now its only usefull to productions with less than six pages. Gamtak
  8. I have a probem with an imported IDML file in Affinity Publisher. In Masterpage its possible to set the grid on: <top spread> < top page> and <top margin> with no result. However, in 'tekstframe' there's only the possebility to set: 'relate to top of frame' if I uncheck 'relate to top of frame', than the lines are right on the grid... <but only on that page in that box> A lot of work for a book of 300 pages. Do I something wrong? I hope so... Thanks 'par avance' for your help.
  9. Hi there, is there any chance that in a future update affPub, the possibility Printing Booklet wil be able? Its just a question and I hope so, because I used it often in Id, and for the moment its the only thing why I can't say goodbeye to Id.
  10. to be more precisely: to create "same style" single and dubble quotes in tekst, you have tot do the following: style for quotes is related to taste and culture, but it always need unity in chosen style. sorry for the sentence, <but its only a sample for a stylish quote in a quote> thanks for you help
  11. Hi Walt and Wosven, it has to do with spelling: Netherlands problem solved, thank you both! Gamtak
  12. Why can't I fix my textquotes IN "textstyles?" Okay, I can choose the 'style' from my textquotes in to: <text/insert quotation marks> but this is absolutely quirckey to do this for every quotation in a book oof 300 pages. I want to fix my quotationmarks in 'textstyles,' what do I wrong? <example> two different styles in one sentence... please help
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