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  1. hi Jon P, I loaded just two pages up to dropbox. page 70 has to be blank and page 71 is a new chapter. in the masterpage the pagenumbers for left- and rightpages are weldone imported thanx Gamtak
  2. Importing an IDML file from a book, (more than 200 pages). I discoverd a problem with 'pagenumbers'. At all empty pages, or pages with illustrations, Publisher shows pagenumbers, where I errased them in the native ID file. Besides I'm very happy with Publisher, Good work. Thanks for that! Gt
  3. Hi, evrybody I know that when I detach the masterpage, drag and drop text inside a textbox wil work. I tried it but than I lost all my ‘textstyles’ Gamtak
  4. Hi thanx for your reply, this is my problem, for bookdesign I work with large amounts of text and in many cases something need to be changed in the text itself. So when I for instance select one of more words in a full textbox : dragging and dropping the selection to an other position in the text isnt' possible if the textbox is related to a masterpage. hope you now a solution and thanks for help Gamtak
  5. Why can't I drag and drop text in a textbox related to a "Master page" ? I tried and tried, and find out, Its only possible when not related to a Master page. Do I something wrong, or is it really a problem from Affinity Publisher thanks for help, gamtak
  6. can't find a clear tutorial about how to import a large .docx textfile ± 235 pages to design a book in Affinity Publisher? please help, there must be a trick to import .docx files with flowing text, but I can't find it on u-tube or at the Affinity tutorials? I tried to do it, holding shift but it won't work (on macos High Sierra) thanx for your suggestion or help
  7. Hi, I use Apub release 1.7.1 and tried to import a pdf file but it shows only 'not linked textboxes. is there a way to import linked textboxes by pdf? or what do I wrong? thanks for help Gamtak
  8. Hi Dave, thank you very much for you help !!
  9. thanks for your reply, I tried to force some words at the end of a line in a paragraph not to auto hyphenation sometimes there are words that I dont want to Hyphenate, like names and places in ID its possible to correct that by a 'no break' command is there a command like that in Publisher, I did'nt find it
  10. I can't find how to break individual words in publisher, I searched for a shortcut
  11. Hi Walt Wel I tried it both ways File > place imported only page one File > open imported all the pages but there is some strange things happen... this screenshot from the imported file shows Janson text 55 3 pt (it has to be 12 pt) in real print it the fontsize is estimated 18 pt I think that I do something wrong, but do not know what it is and this is what happens when I try to correct the fontsize to 12pt in AP
  12. I have documents with lots of pages for books, made in Indesign CS 2017 I know that it's possible to import simple PDF files, but how about spreads with marks and bleeds, and margins and masterpages? I tried to import these files as a PDF in AP, but I failed and don't really know if its possible Also didn't find a manual on U-tube Is there anybody who can help? thanks gamtak
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