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  1. Hi Dan C thanks for your reply, problem solved :-) !
  2. Hi, I use Apub release 1.7.1 and tried to import a pdf file but it shows only 'not linked textboxes. is there a way to import linked textboxes by pdf? or what do I wrong? thanks for help Gamtak
  3. Hi Dave, thank you very much for you help !!
  4. thanks for your reply, I tried to force some words at the end of a line in a paragraph not to auto hyphenation sometimes there are words that I dont want to Hyphenate, like names and places in ID its possible to correct that by a 'no break' command is there a command like that in Publisher, I did'nt find it
  5. I can't find how to break individual words in publisher, I searched for a shortcut
  6. Hi Walt Wel I tried it both ways File > place imported only page one File > open imported all the pages but there is some strange things happen... this screenshot from the imported file shows Janson text 55 3 pt (it has to be 12 pt) in real print it the fontsize is estimated 18 pt I think that I do something wrong, but do not know what it is and this is what happens when I try to correct the fontsize to 12pt in AP
  7. I have documents with lots of pages for books, made in Indesign CS 2017 I know that it's possible to import simple PDF files, but how about spreads with marks and bleeds, and margins and masterpages? I tried to import these files as a PDF in AP, but I failed and don't really know if its possible Also didn't find a manual on U-tube Is there anybody who can help? thanks gamtak
  8. I am very happy with AP still there are things missing fot a speed workflow: 1 - possibility to directly go to 'adobe photoshop' and rewrite imported files 2 - a list from used illustrations, an where they stocked 3 - possibility to import word docx files ! if in the end the definitif version has this items, i wil buy it for sure
  9. Okay I wil try this now... Whatever I do it wil not work. Are you familiar with this problem? is it problaby a bug? Mostly I design books, so I work allways with lots of pages in Indesign, but I like to work also in publisher-beta for design with just a few pages
  10. sorry, Even when I click with mouse-right and than point to 'go to spread' its not doing anything
  11. Hi thanks for your reply, clicking once or twice, both wil not work, it is highlighting but thats all
  12. Hi, Go to Page by clicking in to page example on the leftside will not work yet, do I something wrong? 19.10.2018 Problem was in preferences: PERFORMANCE / DISPLAY / OPEN GL BASIC, must be SOFTWARE and is okay thanks to everybody gamtak
  13. I know this is a Beta, but I am curious are plans there ideas to implement a 'préflight function' , for large files with lots of pages?
  14. I've made 8 pages, in 'spread' In my master-A: I defined the margins for them If I select the 8 pages and click 'Apply master-A: just page 3 and 4 applying the margins all the other pages stay blank, did it several times, wont work do I something wrong??? thanks for your reply, GAMT
  15. The main thing is if Affinity is planning to implement this Otherwise I have to continue Indesign. Till now I'm very positiv, but this is a dealbreaker for me