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  1. Hi Guys - Does anyone print their work directly using a Canon Pro printer and if so do you ever have problems? Every time I print directly from an art board it is always a fight on my end. Example, noise won’t print like what I see on my screen. Paper size error. Effects don’t print etc... I am using a Mac and Sierra (afraid) to upgrade to High Sierra because I had nightmares last time. My Canon drives are updated for Sierra as well. Any advise would be very helpful. Thanks!
  2. Hi Alex - I just completed your suggestion to restore. I followed your instructions and now everything is working perfectly. Thank you for your help. Cheers - Mario - :D
  3. ABC Thanks you. I did re-start but that did not correct the issue. Nice of you to help. Cheers!
  4. Hello - I am working on a file in Affinity Designer and each time I try to move the grouped drawing it is taking forever, or just won't move. I keep getting the spinning beach ball. Not sure how to fix this - it was working fine when I was drawing. AD 1.5.5 Mac OS - Sierra 10.12.5 Any advise is welcomed. Thanks! 212 Amoeba.afdesign
  5. Thanks for getting back to me. I think understand what I have done wrong. I started a new drawing with a large art board and pasted my drawings onto it - then I created new art boards and resized them and copied and pasted etc. - the problem did not happen in this new drawing. Thanks again, Mario -
  6. Hi All - Working in Affinity Designer and have been having many problems with moving objects around. This has never happened before and it is driving me crazy and slowing me up. Once I draw something and then select it to move it or scale it or copy it, I keep getting the spinning beach ball wheel. Once it finally stops, nothing has happened - no move, no scale, not copy. Sometimes I am able to get the object to move - but it moves to a place I was not aiming for. If I use arrow keys to move an object, it does work just fine, but.... I am working on macOS Sierra version: 10.12.4 processor: 2.3 GHz IntelCore i7 memory: 16 GB graphic: Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB Affinity Designer 1.5.5 I will attach my file. Let me know if I am missing something - like a setting adjustment. I'm only asking because this has not happened before and I have never had this problem while I am working with Adobe Illustrator. Many Thanks! Mario - 176 Heydar Aliya Center.afdesign
  7. Lee - Thank you for your help. I contacted Canon regarding this issue and was told that the current driver does not support AD latest update. They do not have an ETA for when the driver will be updated and have in the meantime a work around by exporting as a TIFF and then printing that. I guess it's the same as exporting as a PDF. My only issue is that I need my prints to came out in CMYK. Glad that AD supports all color formats. Thanks again. Mario -
  8. Hi Affinity Team - I hope I am posting this in the correct location. I've posted before - with zero replies. Is there a tech support page? I have been having major printing problems ever since the new update to AD - 1.5.1 Because of these issues I decided to download 1.5.2 - Beta 3 - it's seems I am still having the same issues and I'm not sure if I have a setting wrong, a printer that might be the problem, or just plain user error? However, I never had these problems before the update and the app has worked always worked great. If you look at the attachments it might explain the problems a bit more. Basically, what is showing on the art board that I am printing is very different then the printed page. I also have attached the file for each - one in AD 1.5.1 and the other in AD 1.5.2 - Beta 3. I did a little test with these simple shapes and I added some effects. Orange Star has an Outer Shadow, the Blue Square has a Bevel/Emboss Effect as well as the Red Circle and the Heart has 3D Effect, etc...... Can anyone help me with these issues? Cheers - Mario - My printer is Canon Pro-100 I also had printer errors saying could not print filters? My only work around is to use Adobe Illustrator Beta Test Printing with Issues copy.afdesign Working Christmas Woody 2 copy.afdesign
  9. AD 1.5.1 still seems a bit buggy when printing. Should I try to work in AD on Mac Beta to solve my issues? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. Lee - Thank You for getting back to me. I'm using Affinity Designer 1.5.1 Not sure why the files were not attached. Thanks, Mario - Working Christmas Woody 2 copy.afdesign
  11. Hello - I need some help I attached some photo's to better explain the problem I am having. I am printing a Art Board with my finished work - it looks just fine on screen - but when I print it, the finished result is very different. One problem is text is much larger then what is seen on Art Board. The Text has a Bevel/Emboss Effect, but when printed it's all strange and cut off. Under the text is a shadow which was done by copy/paste/flip and then converted into curves to align, grouped and then given a Linear Gradient Fill. The image of the car was given the same Bevel/Emboss Effect and the shadow is the same as the Text. I've never had a problem when I print - this is the first time since the latest update. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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