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  1. My very frustrating experience exactly!!! When I select the image only, as daughter of the Frame, and add an adjustment, it just flashes briefly and disappears, nevere to be editable or re-locaed by dragging. That's a bug to me, even if 'designed." I will certainly take advantage of the solution offered here. Later on, these misplaced layers are on top of the stack and then are carried forward when exporting to PDF for Print, though they look fine on screen. BUT the master page areas often, but not consistently, print in large black rectangles when proof-printing. I hope that Edit/Detatched will take care of this. Publisher is splendid, often making my day! But these little things... David Wing
  2. Thank you, Old Bruce. I just removed all the provisional type and was able to export the form nicely to PDF, then printed it out of Preview, so the imaging seemed to go OK. Next, I’ll try straight printing to my 4880, then go back in and review my fonts. Most are real purchases from good foundries, but they may have suffered with all the layers of updating over the years. I think it’s time to scratch-build a system disk with just the bare bones plus the Affinity suite and a handful of fonts. I do appreciate your helpful comments.–David
  3. Same here, bad scene for months, crashing on every one of my machines like dominoes falling. I'm dead in the water. == I have been using the Affinity suite with great pleasure on my legacy systems, updating years of old projects back to Freehand 9, often by hand. The effort is worth it to get the smoothness of Affinity's tools. Right now I have just laid out a 96-rectangle outline book layout 3 x 19 worksheet with no content, just a matrix of rectangles and a few bits of type for occasional page numbering. No other graphics images of any kind. Crash, boom, splat. == So I cannot get any of my work out, and I'm dying here..All these machines crash: 27" iMac (2011) 10.9.5 MacPro 4-core (2009) 10.9.5 MacPro 4-core (2009) 10.11.6 MacPro 8-core (2008) 10.9.5 MacBook Pro (2012) 10.9.5 Printing to Epson 4880 and P600 Exporting from File menu to PDF as a safety workaround worked once, now crashes. Printing via driver to PDF crashes every time as well. Who's got some ideas? Thank you all, David W.
  4. Is there a way to print thumbnails of page spreads, outlined, in pairs, so the spreads are each clearly defined? In the very old days, PageMaker did this very nicely. I can make a cheesy workaround for now, with outline rectangles at the extreme edges of the master pages, but when printed, all the spreads run together as an evenly-spaced array. I see that I can adjust the V-gap, in the N-up setting, but this will separate each page, not the page pairs. Thanks for any ideas...
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