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  1. How to add two individual automated page numbers in a multipage document in Affinity Publisher? I am working on a project logbook with an example of a brochure for a customer from pages 3 to 25. The project log itself has automatic page numbers. And I would also like to have automatic page numbering under the brochure in the project log. The problem is that I cannot get two individual automatic numberings. One main page numbering for the whole document and one individual automatic page numbering under the brochure that starts at page 3 with its own page numbering that corresponds to the pages of the brochure. I have looked around in Section manager, but it does not let me add a section that has individual page numbering. Only ones that continue or restart page numbering or alter the formatting of the page numbering. Is there a way to link Sections to a text field without interfering with other sections? this way I could have two automated page numberings on one page. Is there perhaps another way to get a second automatic page numbering working? Or should I do this by hand? The current result is section 1 - the main page numbering also restarts at page 3. So, on this page all the automated page number text fields show the same page number.
  2. This PC is owned and under control of the company I work for. I cannot log in under my windows account in the windows store, so I will have to ask them to buy a license. thank you for you answer.
  3. Is there a way to instal a version of Affinity designer on a new bussiness PC if you own a windows store licence of affinity from you personal computer? Or do I need te get a new licence for the new computer?
  4. Illustrator also lets you save an .ai file to .pdf that preserves layers including their layer names. Are Affinity's export features limited by adobe patents and licencing??? This would make sence.
  5. Hi Dan C, Thank you for taking the time to help me. This method doen's seem to work for me, Should this be a file with an .oxt extension? after a restart I get the same standard dictionarys as an option. no Dutch.
  6. Thank you verry much Walt.farell. Embedding the images in Affinity Publisher using the resource manager as mentioned solved the problem. Now when I open the same file on the iPad everything is present and sharp as expected.
  7. Hi Dan C, Thank you I use the Affinity suite on Windows (the Windows store editions) and on iPad
  8. situation I've created a document in Affinity Publisher on the desktop and I want to continue editing the document on the iPad. The file opens in Affinity Designer on the iPad as expected. Everything is there but some of the images (my logo amongst them) are blurred. questions - How to re link images in affinity designer on ipad? - Or how do I make sure (placed) images are embedded in affinity documents? extra info Replacing the image with the document menu: [placing image] look great again but sadly it results in the same blurred image after you close affinity designer, re-open affinity desiger and open the file again.
  9. How can I add a dutch (nl-NL) dictionary in Affinity Publisher for Windows 10? its currently not standar availeble if you look at the Character Studio -> Under the 'Language' -> at the [Spelling] dropdown.
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