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  1. oh yes, Thank you Firstdefence to you answers, I think Lee D is right, I exported my detail section to PDF or PNG and then I print it. The export-options are the black box I was missing. I mixed it up!! :-) Thank you to you both!!
  2. Hi, I'm using Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo at my MacBook. I want to print a detail section of my paper in Affinity Designer. I noticed, that my origin print menu ist missing! As I open: "Menu" - "Print", then open up my Mac only grey simple print options of Mac to choose printer, paper size, paper orientation and so on. There is no longer the black menu for detailed print options of Affinity Designer with adjustments of "Full Paper" or "Section of paper" or "print without backgound" or "resolution" and so on. (sorry to my bad translation, I don't no the english words. hope you know what I mean.) Recently, I updated to High Sierra. Is there any correlation? Can you help me how to get the black detailed print options of Affinity Desiger back? RegardsAnit