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  1. Alfred. Thanks for your advice I can convert the writing to PDF and print onto the posters Thanks for that it has saved me some grief. I was thinking of buying the photo package but this problem has really put me off as I still cannot print in Affinity in fact now I press print absolutely nothing happens. This has caused further problems on other things I want to do. I have just updated the programme with the latest soft wear, and sick as a chip that this will not work. The annoying thing is that I have also sent a copy of this to the support team and I haven't heard a thing from them.
  2. Yes I thought this and fully updated windows 10. Do you suggest that I take off the last couple of updates trying to resolve this? .
  3. I have done that It worked absolutely fine when I first got the programme, then for some reason whether it is the programme upgrade or not I cant say but it is extremely frustrating.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have tried this but it will not print at all now. It is extremely frustrating.
  5. I purchased Affinity designer last year and had no problems with it. I am now having massive problems in so fact that I cannot print it only prints the top half the top line of any sentences and then throws the paper out as if it has completed. I am using windows 10 with all the upgrades. I have a HP envoy wireless printer. This problem is really frustrating me as I use it to print information on posters. Can you please help. Thanks Eryl.
  6. Hi I hope someone can help me. I have a windows 10 desktop computer using wireless to a HP envoy printer. When I try to print from affinity programme I get the printer starting then as it prints a line it stops and rejects the paper as if it has been completed. I am fully updated with all the windows 10 upgrades. This used to print fine but for some reason has started to do this which is very frustrating. Any advice will be gratefully received. I do not have any printing problems on other programmes.