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  1. Hi Chris

     I cannot seem to run the macros you prepared for luminosity masks.

    I have uploaded into Macros. Then exported to library. Any suggestions please? 

  2. Would be good if we could record the renaming of spare channels within a macro.
  3. Any chance of incorporating the option to manage printing with icc profiles totally within the iPad app? E.g. when i use the print dialogue i am given the choice of printing as is and letting my printer do all color management, I would like to have the option to let the app control the colour output by having the option to apply an icc profile to my image as i print it. Similar to the process found in dare i say it.....photoshop Cheers in anticipation
  4. Sorry Fixx and Walt, i meant to say on the iPad app. I know they are on the PC/mac versions, i have both and they work very well. But thanks for responding, my mistake.
  5. Any chance of incorporating the option to manage printing with icc profiles totally within the iPad app? E.g. when i use the print dialogue i am given the choice of printing as is and letting my printer do all color management or applying an icc color profile to my output and let the app control the colour output? Cheers in anticipation
  6. Thank you Carl that has helped a lot, but it would be better if a. AP let us record macros just using shortcuts and b. the actual effect is displayed as you are recording macros. Your workaround is much appreciated but without the one click facility, it is not really a conducive work flow. Oh well still early days for AP but a great app non the less. I will see if i can crack on with this macro and let you know how i get on. On a side note, another thing AP macro recorder does not like is changing names on spare channels. EG if i create a selection and save it to a spare channel : spare channel Select/Save selection/save selection as spare channel then the macro is ok to that point. if i then try to change the name of that new spare channel i get the message macro cannot record etc. Cheers again.
  7. Carl123 if you press and hold down shift and ctrl then whilst still holding those keys down, left click a layer. This should make a selection based on luminosity. However if you try to record that step as part of a macro then AP does not allow you to do that.You get a warning stating that layer selections cannot be recored in macro. Hope that makes sense, thanks for any help you can offer. Sorry if i confused you, i have updated my original post to make it more clear.
  8. Is there any way that Select by luminosity of Layer can be recorded in a macro. E.g. Ctrl, Shift an left clicking the layer gives you a selection based on luminosity (the brightest pixels) However if you try to record this as a part of a macro you get a warning that states layer selections cannot be recorded as macro. Basically, we should be able to record every action we do in a macro as in Photoshop. Come on Serif this is a basic requirement. Cheers in anticipation
  9. Hi When i try to record a macro in the windows version of Affinity Photo, I am unable to switch between layers. For example if I create 2 duplicates of my background layer, and make a high pass adjustment to the top layer, I am then unable to switch to the layer beneath to make another adjustment. Also, I am unable to change the name of any layers whilst the macro is recording. Any help much appreciated.
  10. When i change the drop down menu in the develop persona to 32 bit hdr and open the 32 bit preview window, the sliders are blanked off. Also, when in 32 bit mode in the develop persona, just bumping the black level up a few percent results in crushed blacks. Is this normal? Cheers for any input
  11. Allowing us to edit 32 bit tiff files in develop module would allow for more natural blending of HDR images.
  12. in windows, the dual plane feature does not appear to work properly. I want to be able to tell affinity photo where the walls are split on a building within my frame. Then I would like to manipulate these parameters freely and accurately. When I enter source mode to say align the walls of a building with 2 visible sides for instance, when I return to destination mode the image is split and warped. It is almost as if AP is treating both sides of the building independently. If I just use the destination view then I can manipulate the building as I see fit however, I cannot then set the corner line correctly for the building as this always defaults to centre of frame. I hope this makes sense, thanks for any help you can give.
  13. Hi Thank you for responding. I tried to record a macro but if I try to switch between layers either to rename them or adjust them whilst recording the macro, I get the message: ' cannot record set current selection' If I try to alter the name of any layer including the one i am working on, I get the message: 'Cannot set description in record macro mode' Also if I try to clip an adjustment layer to a pixel layer I get the message 'cannot record move' Hope that makes more sense
  14. Hello all I think it would be very useful if you could expand on the macro record feature witihn Affinity Photo. Allowing the ability to change layer names and switch between layers would be a good start. Keep up the good work!!
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