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  1. I also ran into the issue described in 3. when trying to follow the LockDown 2020 tutorial from Mr. Fernando Martins Ribeiro. He also graciously provided a macro to do the median blur frequency separation, but when I tried to run it, I had the same issue described by JoshMillsPhoto. I wonder if there is a work around. I could not fine one.
  2. Currently there seems to be a way to precisely place a note on the curve. If you add a node, you can move it to a known location such as x =0, y = 0. Pressing the right arrow key twice will move the node to x = 1, y = 0. Pressing the up arrow once will then move the node to x = 1, y = 1. The vertical grid lines are at x = 64, 128, 192, 255. The horizontal grid lines are at y = 64, 128, 192, 255. With this information you can put a node at any coordinate, although it is obviously tedious to count the key strokes. Nice that they are implementing a more direct method. Regards.
  3. Similar problem when using the rotate button in the develop persona. Saturation comes back when any adjustment is made (exposure, etc.).
  4. Pedro, Thank you for posting the video and Macro. I was looking for a way to emulate the NIK Detail Extractor filter. I found one for PS and then came upon your for AP. Regards.
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