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  1. PMB

    I am using the latest beta 1.7.128

    "Print" still will not display or print a document  unless I change "Fit type" to "Scale to printable" i.e. the same problem as on the previous beta


    1. Patrick Connor

      Patrick Connor


      Thanks for trying to help Allen, but I think this belongs on the forum in Allen's thread, (even though moderator @Pauls seems to be wrong this time)

  2. Thank you, JHMdigital. That solves the problem for me too. I don't understand why this is as it is.
  3. It may be helpful if I tell you thatI have downloaded the Beta in windows version to the same computer (I am using Parallels Desktop to run Windows on my MacBook Pro) and the file that would not print with the Mac version of Affinity Publisher Beta happily prints with no problem on the same printer that will not print from the Mac version. PMB
  4. Thank you for your speedy response, Patrick. I am attaching the files I have been using. I have tried to print on both of my printers: Brother HL=3170CDW Brother MFC-J6520DW Apart from this problem, I am pleased with what I see in the Beta program PMB 16-9-18 HCBunny.afpub
  5. I have happily entered and saved a test publication on Mac- but whatever I do, when I seek to print it, nothing appears on paper. I transferred the contents to my copy of Pageplus (on Windows)and told that to print it - and no problem. When I select print on Publisher, the usual screens appear but the preview on screen of the print has the right number of pages but is bland - and that is how the hard copy turns out. What can I be doing wrong.If I try to save my Publisher text as pdf, again, the right number of pages appears - but no text. What am I doing wrong? PMB