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  1. Oh, and I forgot to mention: the vertical line I was talking about appears when opening this raw file in Affinity Photo and zooming to 36%. For other photos, I can see it at the fit-to-window size.
  2. Ok, thanks. Attached is a ZIP file containing the output from my camera. I shot RAW+JPG, so you can see both the camera-generated JPG and the ORF file. I'm seeing the following: 1. The camera-generated JPG measures 4032 x 3024. 2. Adobe Camera Raw CS5 treats the raw file as representing a 4032 x 3024 image. whereas: 3. RawTherapee 4.2.1 treats it as 4088 x 3076. 4. Affinity Photo treats the raw file as a 4096 x 3084 image. My guess would be that there is some kind of data embedded in the raw file that indicates either what part of the sensor data to use, or lens correction info, or perhaps data about how the in-camera jpg was created, that Affinity Photo (and RawTherapee) is not reading or handling the same way (although the latter two differ even from each other, and I don't know why that would be). Is there a good explanation for this? Or is it a bug, or a lack of proper recognition of the lens being used? If I have to do a slight crop on every single image just to get down to what I saw when composing the shot this is going to be a potentially burdensome raw processor. It's not a ton of extra data, but it's enough to leave in something I was trying to keep just out of the edge of the shot, and it isn't even the same aspect ratio. Thanks for your assistance. Camera Output.zip
  3. I love the interface and what it looks like I can do with this software. However...it's severely crippled for me right now in how useful it can be to me, because it can't seem to deal quite properly with the raw (ORF) files from my Olympus E-PL2. Here's what I'm seeing upon importing one of my files into Affinity Photo. 1) The pixel dimensions are wrong. Camera manual tells me that in the mode I'm in, I'm shooting 4032 x 3024 images. Adobe Camera Raw agrees. Affinity Photo, however, thinks the image is 4096 x 3084. There is clearly extra material in the photo as compared to what the in-camera JPG and Camera Raw are giving me. 2) Most or all of my raw images have, at least when zoomed to certain levels, a thin solid line displayed along the left side. I don't think this is making it into the image itself, but not sure...it might just be a UI display artifact of some kind. 3) I was sure I had seen on a few shots a clear issue of bowed lines, although I can no longer find the images where that was clearly visible, and am not sure which lens I was using for those shots. I don't know what could be accounting for this, but I'd sure like to start being able to make use of this for developing raw images. The fact that it isn't even producing a file of the right dimensions makes me unsure how much to trust anything else that's going on in interpretation of the ORF file. Forum doesn't seem to want to let me attach an ORF file, but I guess I can find a way to provide a sample file if needed.
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