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Found 69 results

  1. When Exporting large pixel dimensioned images from AD, the Estimated File Size /n Calculating feature takes over and I get macOS' rainbow spinning mandala for 30 - 60 seconds... Would it be possible to make that a background process or give it less priority somehow so one can select the Export settings without having to endure painfully long wait times? Thanks for all you do!
  2. I'm at the current stable version of Affinity Photo for Windows and I'm experiencing a lag, when using Healing Brush on "Current Layer and Below." Has anyone experience this? I'm using Wacom Intuos Photo with the latest WACOM drivers installed and I just reformatted and reinstalled everything on Feb. 4, 2018. Thanks for reading, Ron
  3. So after so many lagging issues with DESIGNER under windows 10. I have not reset it, uninstalled it, cleaned the machine, reboot, reinstall, added brushes and with in 3 uses of the program its back to brief lockups, very slow moving of item and slow loading of program. I never had these issues under windows 7. I have now put the first version of 1.6 released to public and it seems to be working better. Whats wrong with the program or what i am doing with it? I never had an issue under Windows 7 pro. But this experience under Windows 10 is terrible. I had issues with PHOTO as well. But reset seemed to fix it for the moment. When I reinstalled the brushes , i did them one at a time and checked..all was good...they are either DAUB brushes or FRANKENTOON...nothing else. PLEASE HELP! Gary
  4. I have a windows 10 pro machine, fresh install and my PHOTO is lagging in performance. When drawing with the paint brush is really jerky and you cannot create a smooth stroke. It the program seems to lock up for 5 seconds and then start working again. I had Windows 7 pro and PHOTO seemed to work flawless , but not now. It even takes 8 seconds longer to load. I have using solid state drives, 32GB ram i73930K, GTX 980. Should be working with out issue with this setup and i haven't even tried anything hard with it. ANY SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT TO DO ? Any help would be very much appreciated. Gary
  5. Hi, I've noticed some lag and image tearing (if that is the term) when an image is rotated. Blocks of the image are rendered on screen in sections, usually more than one. This happens with small, or large resolution images - larger one's are more obvious. Sizes from 1000 pixels upward. My PC is no slouch, Windows 10, Core i5, 8GB, Nvidia Geforce 750ti 2GB. I don't get this issue with Photoshop, or any other image editing software. I've included a screen grab to demonstrate. Usually there are more blocks making up the image as it is rotated. To reproduce. Open an image, deselect the base layers lock and rotate the image manually. Images are totally smooth in Photoshop, ArtRage, Clip Paint Studio, Rebelle when rotated etc. Thanks, Jay.
  6. Hi guys, I just bought Affinity Designer, after reading reviews and watching a few tutorials on youtube, and I was very excited. I started using it, and I love the interface, the fact that it's extremely easy to use and intuitive, and everything was fine and dandy, until I added a few shapes and added effects to them (drop shadow, gradient overlay, outline). After adding 5-7 shapes, Affinity Designer became extremely slow. The lag between my action and what happened on the screen is extremely noticeable, and when I drag shapes there's a huge bleeding effect besides the delay of the movement. Right now, for me, it's unusable, is there a fix coming soon for this? Did anyone else experience this? I don't have an extremely strong system, but Photoshop runs pretty good on my machine, so I was expecting AD to run perfectly, based on the reviews I read. My system: Windows 7 64 bit RAM: 8GB Intel Core i5-4690, 3.50 GHz Nvidia Geforce GTX 750
  7. Hi guys, Just wanted to report a bug. When using text styles, especially on Artistic Text, AD becomes very laggy, it gets a 2-3 seconds delay for a select object action for example. Thank you, Chris
  8. Hi, I just bought the DAUB Kraken set and am loving the options. I noticed on my desktop, with some of the larger brushes (>100px) I notice I have to paint fairly slowly to get them to render correctly. I just picked up Affinity Photo, so I'm used to Photoshop where I could brush the engine further. Is there anything I can push hardware wise to get more out of the engine? I really love this set, but seems they are quite taxing on the engine itself? I have two screens, one is 4K and the other is 1080p. I tried painting on both and the result is the same. Changing the document size doesn't seem to make a difference. Here are my specs: Intel i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40 Ghz 16GB of RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 (2x displays; 4K & 1080p respectively) Program is installed on an SSD Wacom Intuos4 Large Windows 10 (Fall Creator's Edition) My laptop doesn't seem to have as much of an issue for whatever reason and it is similarly speced. Though I think I am painting on an Intuos3 and iirc, it's on an older driver set than the Intuos4.
  9. At first, Affinity Designer lags while I'm working on a project. After quitting the program. It shows an error whenever I try to reopen it. I've uninstalled the program and tried to reinstall but this time it doesn't install at all. I'm using Window 10 I've also tried to download twice from your website but to no avail. What should I do?
  10. I've updates my affinity photo two days ago and it keeps on freezing, lagging and has become super slow. I hope the issue will be fixed soon. Thank u for your hard work Leeyhan
  11. Hi all, I am considering to replace the usual suspects (PS, Gimp, Pixelmator, …) with Affinity Photo. During my evaluation, while creating sketches, I noticed that brush strokes begin with a noticeable straight part though I was drawing arcs of lines (see the video attached). It seems that Affinity Photo does something time consuming when the first pointing device event is detected before it continues to process subsequent events. Perhaps it does something like copying the layer's contents for undo? Interestingly, in a video posted regarding the delayed finalisation of vector strokes in AD, if you look closely at the strokes' beginnings, you can observe the same behaviour. My set-up: iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) 3,5 GHz Intel Core i7 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB OS X 10.11.5 (15F34) Wacom Intuos5 touch (driver 6.3.16-10) Cheers, geeknurse Affinity Strokes.mov
  12. Is there a way to start up AD without any plugins, brushes - whatever is capable of somehow slowing it down? I have an image which is nigh impossible to edit on my machine, and it was fine until a few days ago (it's part of a larger whole which I can't share publicly). I am not entirely sure what is going on, but it is impossible for me to edit the bottom line of the attached - it will create new Art Text, zoom - anything when I try to get to edit it except actually edit the text and the. machine. slows. to. a. crawl. with. a. spinning. ball. in. between. each. action. (and yes, that is as annoying as reading that is). The machine is a regular 15" Retina laptop with 16GB of RAM, an SSD drive and a Core i7, so it's not supposed to be this sluggish. Just by way of a test, I loaded both the Neon Alleyway and Destroyer tutorial files simultaneously, and that all works fine and fluid, yet this small file appears capable of turning this machine into something that resembles Windows 10 on a Celeron chip with 256k RAM with both Word and Excel loaded. For reference, memory usage does not go up (I still have about 10GB free with the two tutorials loaded, nor does CPU utilisation spike, so I'm at a loss as to what is happening. No performance settings (as enclosed) have been changed over the last few days. Has my talent for breaking things struck again? :) deathtrap.afdesign
  13. Hello I am not native speaker please try to read my English skill. Thank you. I just bought it today as I used to trial version look pretty good. I got a few problem is mouse or pointer lagging between drawing ,dragging and moving curve make me really annoying so, Harding to handle mouse. AF Design Lagging with Simple vectors on 6 layers. Then how to fix it. My PC specs OS : Windows 10 64 bit Version 1703 build 15063.540 I5 4590 3.3GHZ RAM DDR3 16 GB VGA intel HD 6400 Harddisk 500GB
  14. Cursor lags for a fraction of a second after the pen is put down and then moved. Happens for every tool in both drawing and pixel personas. Most visible when using any of the freehand drawing tools. This creates a noticeable hiccup for every stroke, and makes short strokes with low pressure virtually impossible to make. Different pressure settings Different Wacom pens Lower view settings in AD preferences Closer and further zoom I've searched extensively on the forums and the web at large and found no more reports of this so I'm wondering if it's only happening in my particular set up, specially in El Capitan: OS X 10.11 (El Capitan Public Beta, latest release) Wacom Intuos Pro touch small (latest drivers) Affinity Designer 1.3.5 trial (from Serif's website, latest release) MacBook Pro (Retina, 15", Late 2013) 16GB RAM I really want to buy this program, it's amazing otherwise, but it's unusable with the cursor lag for me. Thank you.
  15. Hello, I have recently purchased Affinity Designer on my Windows 10 Intel 64-bit laptop, which meets the system requirements. When I'm using it however, around every 5-10 minutes, my application just crashes. There is no hint given that it has stopped responding, it just closes. This is fustrating as I bought this to help improve my work but am unable to do so. Any help or suggestions?
  16. I have observed that you can get some serious 'brush lag' with Raster Brushes and an odd combinations of settings! If you set Brush Spacing to zero and use Rotation Jitter in the Brush Dynamics it slows down the brush drawing significantly. Change spacing to 5% +(not 0) and use rotation Jitter and it is works ok!
  17. Hi, It's my first post, I've bought Affinity Photo and Designer at beginning and been happy user for most part. I use AP mostly for post production of architectural visualizations. I'm writing because of some massive lags I'm experiencing form time to time. To be honest i don't have idea what is the source of that behavior. Some files are running smooth, but other times I get massive lag (2-3 seconds of unresponsiveness) after every layer or even tool change. I don't know is this problem with my configuration or rather general Affinity issue at that state of development? I'm mostly working on 4k-8k files with often 40-100 layers. I know it can be a lot, but i never had that issues in Photoshop. My PC configuration: Windows 8.1 i7 4770 32GB Ram GTX 770 Any hint how to get rid of those lags would be a bless. And if it's a general performance issue, i hope you can fix it in future releases because other than that i really love that software! :D
  18. Hey guys! I've been using AD for many months now and love it. Right now, though, I'm having a big issue -- something that has never happened before. Issue: Affinity keeps stopping, if that's the correct term, every minute or so. The apple beachball turns and turns and turns for like 30 seconds until it does what I told it to do. I have the latest Retina MacBook Pro with 16Gb of RAM and a ton of free storage space. Hardware shouldn't be an issue. Other apps, I closed off. I attached the AD file I'm having issues with. Nothing out of the ordinary. I'm just working on a random UX project for a client. (It's confidential by the way. Please delete it if you download it.) What I have noticed is that it happens right after the pink lines appear, when it shows you I think a contour of the elements close to the mouse. I actually want to disable that, but haven't found the setting to do it. I don't like that "feature." The only thing that might be an issue, I think, is the PSD iPhone 6 template I use, but I mean that shouldn't be the issue, plus I haven't found an AD template on the internet, just PSD and AI. Final note: It doesn't always do it. I make quite a few changes -- small or large, doesn't matter -- and then randomly it just stops working. I have a deadline to deliver this until tomorrow. I have all the sketches so I know what to do, but I this has been slowing me down a lot. Please help. Thank you!!
  19. Hi everyone, I'm sure I'm not the first to bring this issue up but I wanted to try my luck anyway. I'm trying to use AP instead of PS as my main digital painting program, however, since the first time I tried working with it, I've encountered way too many issues with its brushes. I'm not even talking about the lag when I start strokes (in some of the brushes I use, not all of them), but the biggest problem I'm having is the breaking angles I get for no good reason. Here are some screenshots I took to better explain the issues while trying to make a simple sphere. I've also noticed that changing the zoom can alter the way my brush behaves, but I cannot work only in extreme zooming all the way from start to finish. Is there a solution for these problems? Many thanks!!! -Ziv
  20. Hi there, I've just downloaded the free trial for Affinity Designer on my Windows 10 Surface Pro 3. I've got the i7 model (4650U integrated graphics) with 8gb ram and I'm experiencing some fairly substantial lag when playing around with a single art board and a handful of photos. It is frequently generically laggy and the program has frozen as 'not responsive' 9 times in 30 mins. It recovers from the not responsive state relatively quickly (maybe 2-5 seconds). To test the demo, in total, I have: - 7 elipse shapes, each masking a photo from Unsplash (all seven total 57mb in file size) - 1 rectangle shape - 2 text fields I'm doing all this in the 'draw' persona, meaning the photos are at full res if you zoom in enough, despite being scaled down significantly to fit onto the screen. Have I got some random setting accidentally on overdrive, or is the testing build simply buggy and therefore not representative of the final product? Any ideas? The surface typically handles large PS files fine. Cheers, Jordan
  21. I've noticed that when I increase my brush size to fill a canvas (aiming to create textured backgrounds prior to creating my work), there is a severe lag when I make strokes. Often times, when I make several passes with a large brush, I'm left waiting for AP to catch up. FYI, I have a 1 TB SSD & 16 GB of RAM, and an i5 processor on a mid-2012 Macbook Pro. Idk if that information will help in diagnosing the problem or not. Is there any way to tinker with the performance setting to resolve this issue, while still maintaining hi-res quality of the brushes? Thanks.
  22. I use Designer for personal projects on Mac without any issues and Designer at work on a 2 month old, Windows 10 PC. The PC has 8 gb RAM and an Intel Core i5 @ 3.20GHz. A task I have to perform at least 3 times a week in drawing shapes on top of a placed bitmap image. The images is already compressed and usually aprox 30 to 50 mb itself. After I place the image, every action causes Designer to freeze or run incredibly slow. The Designer files end up in the 200 to 350 mb range. I'm trying to find out if the freezing and lag is a product of my PC or Designer. Any ideas? Also, why is the Designer file size so incredibly large?
  23. Hello fellow affinity designers, I recently noticed some performance issues with Affinity Designer. Started with 1.5 update. Runs very smoothly on my 2012 Macbook Pro (13" 1280*800, 8Gb Ram, 2.9GHz Core i7, Intel 4000 1536Mb) Runs laggy and with load times on my 2015 iMac (27" 5K retina, 32Gb Ram, 4GHz Core i7, AMD Radeon R9 4096Mb) Both computers run macOs Sierra 10.12.1 Examples about the performance issues: When I move a shape or some text around, even in an empty document, it's like if my "FPS" dropped. The elements/objets don't move smoothly anymore, they kind of jump around like if my computer was having a hard time. This also happens when I edit a gradient with the gradient tool for example Many other scenarios. To summ it up, my better computer (by far) is having a way harder time (by far) running AD 1.5. I'd really appreciate some solutions/explanations about this issue. It has a big impact on my workflow. C~
  24. Hi all! I'm writing this 'cause I have a couple of issues using the Insproy G10T tablet with Affinity Designer, and I'm not sure where the issue lies.This tablet works just 20% of time in Affinity Designer. Sometimes it works well for the first couple of minutes, and then just starts to lag. Now, the issue here seems to be very specific: if you click something to select it, it takes a couple of long seconds to do so, unless you lift the pen all the way. Let me explain: if you lift the pen from the surface so that it still tracks the pointer, it doesn’t select/perform the action quickly at all. If you lift the pen so that the pointer is not tracked anymore, it selects it instantly. This seems to be true across multiple actions: resizing, dragging, scaling… I don’t know if this is a problem on the Affinity side or rather something Huion should solve. In fact, I wrote a mail to Huion as well. I just know two things: - the tablet works fine in other programs (Adobe Xd and Pixelmator tested): seems to indicate that the issue is on Affinity side - other tablets (like Wacom ones) work just fine in Affinity Designer: seems to indicate that the issue is on Huion side. I really wish someone could fix this or help me some way. Here is a video that may help to clear things up: https://goo.gl/photos/xwGx8t4dUu1hCfRi8 Thank You in advice, Philip Müller
  25. Hey, Just wanted to give a heads up that on my machine, all the tolerance sliders (opacity, HSL, etc.) all have a major delay (minus the layers panel sliders). They also aren't very sensitive and even "jumping" when when trying to make delicate shifts in value. They have no issue when clicking on a particular section of the slider, which is sometimes what I have to resort to. It's pretty troublesome when you have to make very slight variations. Let me know if you need any info. Thanks! Windows 7 (64) AMD Phenom II X4 925 2.8GHZ 8 GB Ram NVIDIA GeForce GT 720 Monoprice MP-22 Display Tablet
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