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  1. The issue is as follows: When using mouse, there's no issue. When using the touch screen of my surface pro and holding either shift or ctrl for resizing, there's an extreme lag. If I'm not holding shift or ctrl, it works fine. I'm attaching a short clip of the issue, although I could not manage to record the position of the pen, so I'm not sure if it's clear enough. I do 3 movements: with finger, with surface pro pen and with surface pro pen while holding ctrl. For half of the time of the last, I am not touching the screen. EDIT: Actually, you can see the last one speeds up right after I release the pen. Affinity_Designer_2020-01-22_09-27-39.mp4
  2. I'm using Affinity Designer on a Microsoft Surface (Windows 10). When I try to resize objects while holding CTRL or SHIFT the program lags horribly, sometimes taking up to 2 seconds to follow where I have moved the pen or mouse. Otherwise the software works fine, and free resizing without CTRL or SHIFT does not show this lag. What is wrong?
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