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  1. I appreciate the suggestion Pariah73, and I'm going to take a look at this Font managers. The two reasons not to change yet is that I've been organizing thousands of Fonts for many years in FontAgent 8 and I'd have to start over if I change. The other thing is that I recently changed the preference settings of Font Agent 8 and now it open like 80% of the fonts automatically. I'm trying to find out why it is that some fonts do not open automatically and others do. If I do not solve that, then I'll have to change to FontBase. Thanks again
  2. Hello kingbily, thank you very much for your time in trying to help me with this issue. I do not understand very well because of the technicalities that you mention (my bad) and I get confused when you mention "running Windows natively" because the problem is with my MacOs. I'm going to reread it tomorrow to see if I understand what you suggest better.
  3. Hello, Polygonius, even though I had already done several restarts and installed the new Huion driver with its settings, I decided to try your suggestion without much hope. To my surprise after doing everything you say, it began to work much better! Then I wanted to test if giving another restart the fix could be maintained. Unfortunately not, it showed a similar problem as before. I've done multiple restarts with modifications to see if I simplify the process, but I have nothing yet to be consistent - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. For now, I'm going to have to keep doing from point 1 to 6 every time I use the Huion tablet. Thanks for the help.
  4. I'm testing the Beta version now. When I'm in Vector persona the basic brushes work very well. When I try with brushes with textures, lagging returns. If I draw short lines it is usable, but if I try long lines the lagging increases to the point that the brush goes to the front as by an inch of difference from the current line. Neither gives me control to use the pen to move things or to use properly the forms like the square, they continue moving once I get the shape where I want. When I try brushes on Pixel persona, it is better and usable.
  5. OK, I'm going to download it when I have a chance during the day, and I'll let you know if there is any improvement.
  6. The behavior of the pen has been inconsistent. There are times when lagging is more or less the same with the standard round brush. Today is better, not perfect but better than with the textures brushes. Using the textures brushes with the mouse behaves better, although it also has a slight lagging.
  7. The Canvas size is 8.5 "x 11" and the brushes fluctuate between width 6px, 14px to 32px
  8. Hello, GabrielM No, I had the same problem, but I only tried it once in affinity before making the driver change. When I use it on Pixel persona, it works better at least to be able to use texture brushes. But in Vector Persona it is impossible to use the tablet Pen.
  9. Hello, I'm trying to use my Huion Tablet G10T in Affinity Designer but it does not work properly. The problem is that it has a lag or delay that does not let draw the stokes/lines well. Also when one moves something with the tablet Pen, it continues moving by itself without direction and no stopping (it stops only when I changed the pen for the mouse). I recently changed the Driver for the last one available on the Huion website -HuionTablet_MacDriver_v14.3.10.181225 (beta) I'm using: MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 The Tablet works well in Illustrator and Photoshop, but not in Affinity Designer. Any suggestion?
  10. Thank for answering my questions. As soon as I have an opportunity I will continue exploring with the trial app that until now seems very good. I don't know if I'll have to postpone buying Affinity apps now because I just invested in this expensive Font Manager precisely because it has auto-activation for several apps, Umm...
  11. Hi, Some questions that come up while using the trial version: 1. I use Font Agent for auto-activation of fonts in Adobe CC, but it does not work with Affinity. I asked Font Agent, and they answered the following: "Unfortunately Affinity does not have an official way of letting 3rd party developers create a plug-in or some other method of making self-activation happen ...." I ask, what solution does Affinity have to have Auto Activation of Fonts? 2. How can I see the bleed lines in the document? 3. How can I find the specific Pantone number I need? I do not see a Search area to put the number I'm looking for or an option to look at the Swatches in view list with the name next to it. 4. To create a Pantone color palette, do I have to keep selecting a shape or item for the color to be available in my new palette? Or is there a way to do it like drag and drop from the Pantone Palette to my new color palette? I have seen various videos but still not clear to me the right way to do my Pantone palette. Thanks
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