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  1. Using a wacom intuos and the pen's middle click (pan view) does not work anymore after switching from pixel persona. Needs to restart designer .
  2. In pixel persona, the brushes are lagging and the color picker can't pick correct colour in HSL mode. In vector persona, the text fonts sometimes are getting deformed or stretched or squeezed horizontally. Windows 10 1809
  3. I'm working in affinity for last 6 months now and I despise Illustrator. I can't stop talking about how anti-intuitive is Illustrator. But they have an undoubtedly nice feature called package. It saves the raw file, the fonts involved and other things plus a report in a folder. Can we do the same in Affinity somehow? That report document is very important when we work for clients or with other designers to know what kind of colour space and font and etc etc was used on the specific project.
  4. I'm using Affinity Designer on Windows. And I can't find how do a export without the background. If I check "transparent background" in document setup, then it gives a check-board backdrop where I don't want to create my artwork. I need a plain coloured (preferably grey) background where I can create and then export only the the selected parts, not the background. How do I do it? I'm only 3 days old in Affinity suite.
  5. And say if I reinstall Windows, I will still have my license working right? I don't need to buy it again?
  6. Beta of what? I thought Affinity Designer is stable. And no I can't sadly test it beforehand you see because I'm planning to buy Windows 10 retail along with Affinity and other hardware upgrades in Christmas.
  7. This screenshot seems like I have seen this tutorial or process video or speed-art whatever it was, somewhere. But I can't find it anymore. Google image searchbacks are only giving links of shady sites. Can someone recognize this and find me the original tutorial link? That will be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm new on Windows. I mostly ran Linux in past. My question is how do I acquire Affinity? Windows is kind of confusing too. I understand there are two ways: Buy from Serif's site. In that case, will it be a digital download? Then how will I receive the activation key or license? And if I change or reinstall Windows, will my key still work or I have to buy another license? Buy from Microsoft store. In that case, will I have a license? Or Microsoft will remember it for me? Will Microsoft store restores the affinity apps back free of cost if I reinstall Windows or I have to buy again?
  9. I'm worried because for complicated illustration such as this one Example 1 or Example 2, I see the layer buildups on the right hand side. I wonder whether my computer can handle such work or not.
  10. Thanks a lot. I really hope the hardware can handle it. Let's hear what other people says.
  11. Hello, I have seen many beautiful complicated works done by affinity designer and those were done on ipad or older versions of iMac and windows pc whose configurations are unknown to me. That gives an impression that designer is not very resource hogging. My question is how complicated is too much for my windows pc (G4560, 16Gigs, igpu, 250gig ssd)? I'm not quite asking the system requirement to run designer. I'm asking after what point my computer may start lagging? Like multiple layers or bigger canvas or too many raster brush - what will be the choking point of my pc? In that case, I'm thinking of doing small upgrade. What I can invest in? Thanks in advance.