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  1. Hmm, I see. Callum said he was moving this thread. Do I still need to make a new post in "Feature Requests"?
  2. Lately, I've been using export persona more often due to a project I've been developing. So, I thought it would be more useful than it ended up being. The slices help a lot, but I had to click hundreds of time to assign the same profile to a lot of slices, and I see no reason for an export persona not being optimized to make things faster. #1 - I couldn't duplicate any slice. Duplicating the slices created with the slice tool, allowing me to simply move it around to another part of the canvas, keeping the export settings, would be great. #2 - there's no way to batch rename or batch set a multiplier to the slices' size. I had lots of slices and had to: click, rename, click the arrow, click to type, type "5x", and, then, go to the next slice. The only batch process I could find was changing the format. #3 - why do the slice made from a vector with an adjustment layer inside ends up being giant? If I have a simple square and make a slice from it, it'll keep the proportions. If I have the same square inside a group, and, inside this group, there's an—let's say—recolor adjustment layer, my slice goes giant. By the way, I'm not here to complain. If I'm wrong in any claim above, please, correct and teach me how to do it properly. I just wanna keep the work flowing with less brute force.
  3. Now, a nice addition to this would be being able to open groups while navigating with the keyboard. Like up/down to navigate and left/right to open/close groups. I don't know if people use this kind of navigation, but I'm just used to it because of apps like Cinema 4D. It's really handy when you can access any layers and rename them without clicking around. Cinema 4D, actually, should be a reference for menu navigation.
  4. In fact, there are the options. They were working when I clicked in the menu context, but not with the shortcut. I just rewrote them with the same Ctrl + Alt + [ ] and they started working. Thanks, man!
  5. Didn't work, Carl. I tried every combination involving cltr+alt and [ ]. Does it work for you?
  6. Also, still related to organizing the project, if there was a way to navigate through the layers using the up/down arrows would be amazing. For cases like this, that I have to guess which stick is in which position.
  7. Ok, Callum. Thanks for your response. You have no idea how I wish this gets implemented soon!
  8. Is there any faster way to rename layers or do I really have to click in each and everyone and type? Even a *rename* *press tab* *rename next* would do, as Photoshop. Thanks!
  9. This is how it looks like at 100%, after "Use precise clipping"
  10. It's already in the best option. I tried both, but no difference in this aspect.
  11. Oh, that solves a lot, Jimmy. Thanks! I still don't see it super smooth, but much better than before. Is there any other config that influences this?
  12. Hello! Is it normal to have my vector's edges jagging when I put something into it as shown in the uploads below? Is there any way to solve this?
  13. Yeah, it does help. I've been using Photo to invert the mask, but I hope they do implement the elegant way in the near future!