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  1. I believe I could stop the lag, but I still get he problem of when I draw from a zoomed out view the lines get all weird. Here is a demo. I even used less resolution to see if that helped but no.
  2. But is there any fix, before I wasn't lagging at all
  3. And i Just noticed that the further away I am from the canvas the laggier it gets, and when I am super zoomed in I get 0 lag
  4. Sorry for the late answer, I'm running Windows. I have a laptop with Nvidia 960m Intel i7 6700 16gb Ram 120gb SSD 1tb HDD
  5. When I zoom out the canvas in both AD and AP I get wavy lines when using the brush tool, not super noticeable but still annoying. But when I zoom in the canvas the lines don't seem to have this problemas. I also tested in Clip Studio but didn't get any wavyness. I use a Cintiq. Also I have been experiencing Lag.
  6. I have tested many but these are one of them. Some brushes are supposed to have different oppacity and thickness and the ones with texture show incorrectly. Ahmed_Aldoori_Medders_Brushes.abr
  7. Some photoshop brushes work just fine but others seem to lose their propeties. I don't know if it is because they are not fully compatible.