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Found 64 results

  1. Question on Develop persona and overlays: 1) There doesn't seem to be a way to rename an overlay. I'd like to do that and I'm either missing it or would suggest it as a feature request. 2) is there a way, when editing an overlay, to show the mask with a hot key? Say I have three overlays and jump between them. I go back to one of the overlays and want to see the red mask area again. Can I do that? 3) Toggle on/off overlay. Is this possible? I can cut the opacity to zero but would love a checkbox to turn off an overlay. Thanks in advance, Peter G.
  2. Hello from Germany, I like to use Affinity Photo a lot - but this bug here often is very painful: Repeatedly I had issues with overlays in the Develop Persona-> 1. create an overlay 2. don't do anything in the picture 3. the overlay was (maybe) created by mistake and I want to delete it 4. when the created and unused overlay is selected and deleted, it takes the whole picture with it... So when I used several overlays and the last one ist created by mistake and I want to delete it immediately, all the work done before is wasted... Maybe, when the overlay is created an in the list it is marked as the selected one and not the master something in the back of the program is still pointing at the master... Thanks for your great work on this product. I hope, this bug will be fixed soon.
  3. Hi I notice the image quality drops after I converted the raw image in develop persona. Please advise how to get it resolve . I will be able to upload the images(42mb) for reference if necessary. Thanks and regards, Ekoh
  4. Hi, I have three RAWs with exactly the same content but different exposures. Now I want to cut the same area in all three images before going to Photo Persona. How is this possible?
  5. Noticed its not possible to name the brush or gradient overlays when added. Would be good to know what overlay is doing what on the images.
  6. Hello, I have been having problems with RAW photos becoming very pixelated after I push the "develop" button and move into the "photo persona". My photos look good while I am editing them in the develop persona, but as soon as I develop them, the image quality changes for the worst. I also experimented with not doing any edits at all when first opening a RAW image and just pushing "develop" and still got a pixelated photo when Affinity reloaded into Photo Persona. I checked what the pixels were in "change image size" under document and noticed that the images were only coming out at 96 pixels. Trying to resize to 300 pixels while in photo persona did not improve the photos. I did not see any edit options in "Develop Persona" for choosing image size or pixel quality. Im guessing there must be something I can do in Develop P to keep the quality of my photos? I am getting much better end results by just shooting in high quality JPEG and not going through the develop persona, through I know this shouldnt be the case- my RAW images look good when I first open them or when i open them on Preview. Help?
  7. Hello, I encountered this issue when I had multiple documents open in the Develop Persona in Affinity Photo. When I show Shadow/Highlight/Tone clipping and switch to a different document, the behavior of the buttons becomes inverted so that it shows clipping on the other documents when the buttons are "off" rather than "on". Thanks, - Tony
  8. Hallo, obwohl ich immer noch kein Internet habe... Ein neues Tutorial auf YouTube. Wie man ein unterbelichtetes (versautes) Foto doch noch retten kann. Dazu wird im Modul "Develop Persona" gearbeitet. Das funktioniert am besten mit Fotos im RAW-Format, aber auch mit JPG. Viel SpaƟ dabei Euer Jack Bauer Hello, although I still have no Internet... A new YouTube Tutorial. How to rescue an underexposed (waste) photo. That works well with RAW-Files, but also with JPG. Have fun with the video. Bye Jack Bauer
  9. Hi! When in develop persona, I can't make work the brush overlay in the top part of a vertical orientacion photo. If the photo is horizontal orientacion, all ok. When vertical it only works in the 2/3 bottom of the image! Very frustrating!
  10. I have a Sigma DP2 Quattro and while that camera is partially supported, I get better results from converting X3F files to DNG with X3F Tools and then develop the DNG in Affinity Photo (adjust white balance tint and it looks pretty good). The problem is that Photo doesn't honor the crop instructions. It does honor the size of the output file (5424 x 3616), but displays thick black borders along two sides and cuts off the opposite sides. Older versions of Iridient Developer used to do the same but their newest version works correctly. Here's a link to the tool in question: https://github.com/Kalpanika/x3f/releases/tag/0.54 Here's the announcement on Dpreview, you can find links to some DP Quattro RAW files (too big to upload) in that thread as well: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3890093 I have some ideas on how you can improve your own Sigma Quattro rendering, but the best would likely be to contact the authors of X3F Tools about integrating their import code in your own software. Their noise reduction is rather impressive...
  11. Hi, i made a RAW file look fine in develop persona, clicked on develop and something magic happend: the result looks very bad as you can see in the attached files. I tried a few things and found out, that this only happens if the lens correction tool is unchecked. Open RAW file, develop, everything is OK. Open RAW file, uncheck lens correction, develop, nothing is OK. RAW files from EOS 350D, 20D and 40D, all the same Problem. Sure, there is a simple workaround but i think this should not happen. regards Ulli Werner PS.: I am not sure if "lens correction" is the right term because i'm using the german version. In the german version the feature is called "Objektivkorrektur"
  12. How to increase Grid line thickness - Affinity Photo The Grid lines are too thin for me. In Develop Persona I Show Grid and the open Grid and Axis Manager but I don't see a way to increase Grid line thickness. Can this be done and how?
  13. Guides in the Develop Persona - Affinity Photo They would be most helpful when using such things as Lens Correction for example. Aligning horizons or with any horizontal or vertical object would be an example use.
  14. I'd like to use Guides for Lens Correction in Develop Persona in Affinity Photo How can I Enable Guides in Develop Persona? I enable View>Show Rulers and then View>Show Guides. There is no Move Tool to drag a Guide out. There is no View>Guides Manager.