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  1. You are hearty welcome. That's what this forums and betas are for. Actually it seems to be just a little thing. Any idea when 1.7. is going live?
  2. Dear MEB, thanks for the swift reply. Actually yes, the lens correction is enabled and the picture looks exact the same like with disabled lens correction. Find below some Screenshots and a RAW file from GX80 attached. Here we see loading the .rw2 file to AP 1.6.7. with enabled Lens correction. Below screenshot like regular fisheye without correction (in beta 1.7) Sorry everything is in German but actually I can assure that lens correction is enabled. Maybe you can try out and actually restore the bug? Best regards Patryk _1110949.RW2
  3. Dear Team, actually I downloaded the newest beta as I recognised Version 1.6.7. was not capable to handle my RAWs für Panasonic DC-G9 with the Serif Labs RAW Engine. Actually loading a picture was completely desaturated and modifying simple contrast was really extreme. Anyhow this is not the topic. I faced the solution using Apple Core RAW Engine but as I want to go with the Serif Labs Engine due to Lens correction which was outstanding also for the Olympus 8mm Fisheye I downloaded the latest beta. And what shall I say. I just cannot await to get this Version 1.7. live because the improvements are huge especially recognising much faster loading time on my old MacBook. Unfortunately it seems that the lens correction which was fabulous in 1.6.7. is not applied yet to the beta? Is this right? Best regards Patryk
  4. Hey MEB, yeah I've reported this earlier but did not get reaction on this. Thank you for an appropriate feedback. Actually I need to modify hundreds of files manually which is quite annoying but as you mentioned there are silver linings on the horizon. Best regards.
  5. Dear Affinity Team! I have following problem with the Affinity Photo App for Mac since a while. During trips I capture all my GPS data with my iPhone and write it to the files on the cam every evening to have the GPS tag directly saved to the EXIF. This works brilliant and is a simple solution to atomise the geotagging of photos. The Jpegs and the RAWs have exactly the geotag where the picture is taken! When I load my RAW file to Affinity Photo and make all the adjustments to the picture in the develop persona and finally develop the image I finish it up in the Photo Persona and finally export it to a jpeg to load it to my photos app on my Mac to have it in my library. The problem is that the final JPEG has not the same geotag than the original out of cam JPEG and the RAW. Now I explain what happens and what you need to fix: While developing the RAW file the Develop Persona kills the "-" in front of the values of degree of longitude and latitude in the EXIF what switches the GPS Tag from Northern to Southern latitude or from Western to Eastern Longitude. Kindly find attached a RAW (with the GPS coordinates: 51°30'47,262" N ; 0°8'19,89" W) file for testing. After my regular workflow and exporting to JPEG with AP the geotag switches to 1°30'47,262" N ; 0°8'19,89" E whites actually right in the middle of the river Thames. I actually do not have a file with a southern latitude actually but I think the failure will be the same. I would appreciate a short reaction! Best regards Patryk _1110464.RW2
  6. Hey folks, this problem with "f*ckin up my gps data" while developing raws with gps data inside affinity photo destroys my motivation editing my pictures with AP. Doesn't matter if I take the last release built or the newest beta. The problem is like described above: GPS Data in the RAW file is correct after editing with affinity photo the GPS Data is switched from Western to Eastern longitude. So all the pictures now are relocated from Costa Rica right to the middle of the bay of Bengal between India and Sri Lanka. Is there any chance to fix this soon?
  7. Patryk

    [AP 1.6.6] Develop persona messing up raws?

    Actually these aren't real solutions. Did you get any feedback from the develop team or shall I buy Photoshop Essential or something similar?
  8. Patryk

    [AP 1.6.6] Develop persona messing up raws?

    By the way: Is it possible to reset AP to 1.5 again to continue working ?
  9. Patryk

    [AP 1.6.6] Develop persona messing up raws?

    Yeah you are right, actually there are files that are "failing" and files that are not touched by the issue. This seems quite weird. Anyway it would help me more if I could use Serif labs Engine in the future without the purplez
  10. Hey Chris, I am referring to this topic but I think/hope the dev team is in charge
  11. Patryk

    [AP 1.6.6] Develop persona messing up raws?

    Just tried quite swiftly the beta download if something improved but unfortunately nothing change in the develop persona concerning the issues that are blocking my work atm. Fringing still occurs with the Serif Labs Engine This curious splitting is still there with Apple Core Image RAW.
  12. Actually the issue seems to be fixed with the last update (beta 1.6.7) but unfortunately the other things are still not solved..
  13. Hey folks, Actually I'm using AP 1.6.6 on a MacBook with macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 I have problems that Affinity Photo freezes when I try to open multiple (>5) jpegs at once (did it quite often with version 1.5 without problems when I want to rescale picture for web) The program freezes and does not give any reaction anymore. Only possibility is to kill the program and restart it open less files at once. Hope somebody can give me hand solving this issue
  14. Patryk

    [AP 1.6.6] Develop persona messing up raws?

    Actually I hope that the development department is focused on this. Due to the combination of both problems it makes my raw development stopped for this time and I cannot work with my photos at all. Especially while having some brackets where I surely have some bun outs on the bright end It will give me the purple colouring using Serif Labs Engine (which I would prefer to use anyways though I am a big fan of the lens corrections) --> No chance to use. Using the compromise solution with the Apple Core Image RAW engine I need to restart AP after every single photo. Editing of Brackets for HDR combination will totally fail though I cannot open more that one RAW with Apple engine... --> compromise solution also fails. So what shall I do?
  15. Patryk

    [AP 1.6.6] Develop persona messing up raws?

    Dear Sean, I've put you some RAWs in the dropbox. I have also uploaded Lee D the photo regarding this purple fringing but anyway I have also added some two RAWs showing the same issue with the bright spots turning purple while using Serif Labs engine. Like mentioned in the post before. A freshly started Affinity Photo doesn't show the problem with this curious picture split. Whenever you open the second ... third ... forth RAW file it will occur (when using Apple Core Image RAW). Hope to get a solution for this that makes Affinity usable again for me and the other GX80 / Panasonic users Greetings