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  1. I have recently started to clean-up my photo directories by using Photo Supreme DAM software. However, I have a lot of afphoto files that I'm not quite sure a smart way of categorizing/tagging. My initial thought was to store the afphoto files in the same collection as the RAW files. How do y'all categorize/tag .afphoto files in your DAM software?
  2. As shown in my attached image, in my intent to edit non-destructively, I have created a dodge/burn layer and an inpainting layer. However, the dodge/burn pixel layer overrides any of the changes I make to the Inpainting layer. Is there a way I can have both layers be independent from one another but also have both effects show up?
  3. This feature would be great for batch operations. Currently, a user must manually select each .afphoto file, configure the export settings, then wait for each individual photo to finish exporting. Adding to Macro would make many workflows much more automated.
  4. Thanks. Do you ever save while editing in Affinity Photo? What I’ve found is I end up having many .afphoto files laying around; I’m concerned that I’ll need to revisit editing a particular image, but unfortunately these .afphoto files can eat a lot of disk space.
  5. Hi smadell, I'm currently trying to work out a batch RAW processing approach. When you use DxO Photolab and develop each of the RAW files, what filetype do you save-into in order to pass onto Affinity for using the Photo Persona?
  6. I know that Affinity doesn't have batch RAW file processing, but today I experimented with running a basic macro (add brightness/contrast adjustment layer) on a couple of RAW .NEF files. I chose to save the files as .afphoto files. Is this the same as opening the RAW files, making no changes in Develop and hitting the "Develop" button, and then applying the macro? Essentially, is the Develop step skipped?
  7. In the portrait tutorial here made by Affinity, we see that the editor doesn't do much editing within the RAW develop persona. Is this a matter of personal preference or rather a good editing workflow? And as a follow-up, does applying something like shadow recovery in the Develop persona perform any better or worse than the shadow recovery layer in the Photo persona?
  8. By default, Affinity seems to have the Rule of Thirds and the Golden Spiral - is there a way to add or turn on a Phi grid overlay?
  9. For me, my workflow is to first edit RAW files in the Develop persona as much as possible, getting the exposure, sharpening, noise reduction done there before transitioning to the Photo persona. Photo persona I usually do more of the fine-grained editing (removing small objects, filters, selective edits, etc).
  10. Thank you! That fixed it for me. I did a quick search online to see if there was anything on manually converting 32 bpc to 16 or 8 but couldn't come up with anything. Is there a function in AP that can perform this 32->16 conversion?
  11. Also, here is the source RAW for the example photo I used (which shows a bit more dramatically the issue when steps are reproduced). DSC_0122.NEF
  12. Hi Sean, Yes, this will occur with every RAW file I use. However, I noticed that JPEG seems to be OK. Sure thing! I have attached the screen recording and the source RAW file. Hope it helps. Let me know if any other information or steps are needed, will be happy to provide. DSC_0050.NEF affinity_raw_bug.mov
  13. Affinity v. 1.6.6 Mac OS 10.13.3 Nikon D3300 (.NEF files) After editing a RAW file using "Edit in Affinity Photo" in Photos.app, closing the image in Affinity photo, and returning to Mac Photos.app, the image that Affinity saves to Photos.app is corrupted. The end result looks corrupted. The black point appears boosted, noise reduction thrown out, exposure totally off - really quite terrible and NOT the edits that I made. See the images attached for details. This RAW editing feature using "Edit in Affinity Photo" extension was definitely working back wh
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