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  1. PixelPest you got it. I could manage to open, develop and save my image with your instructions. Thanks very much to you. I also thank all other guys for trying to help me.
  2. The Mediathek is the folder where all the photos sit. Normal image files like jpeg, png. The real problem is Affinity Photo will not open the folder.
  3. My Mediathek is on a external HDD. From inside Affinity Photo I can not open files from my Mediathek. The only way to work with Affinity Photo is to open the Photo App where I can choose and select Affinity Photo as the software to open the file. How do I get access to my photos the "normal" way from inside Affinity Photo?
  4. Lets say I want to develop 5 RAW files. They require all the same develop settings like white balance, curve adjustment, pre sharpening and lens corrections, to mention just a few. Is there an easy way or do I have to make 4 separate presets in the Basic, Tones, Detail and Lens tab?
  5. Great! You made me happy. That greatly improves my possible workflow. Many thanks!!
  6. Sometimes it might be a good idea to crop the picture early in the workflow. Is there a a way to readjust the crop later, without loosing all the work done?
  7. Thanks for the welcome and all your answers! Maybe someday we don#t need these workarounds anymore.
  8. Is there an easy way to look at an image side by side in PhotoPersona? I want to see the finished picture, ready for print without a softproof adjustment and the same picture next to it with the result of a softproof adjustment applied. I am using windows with the newest AffinityPhoto version. Thanks
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