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  1. Lets say I want to develop 5 RAW files. They require all the same develop settings like white balance, curve adjustment, pre sharpening and lens corrections, to mention just a few. Is there an easy way or do I have to make 4 separate presets in the Basic, Tones, Detail and Lens tab?
  2. Great! You made me happy. That greatly improves my possible workflow. Many thanks!!
  3. Sometimes it might be a good idea to crop the picture early in the workflow. Is there a a way to readjust the crop later, without loosing all the work done?
  4. Thanks for the welcome and all your answers! Maybe someday we don#t need these workarounds anymore.
  5. Is there an easy way to look at an image side by side in PhotoPersona? I want to see the finished picture, ready for print without a softproof adjustment and the same picture next to it with the result of a softproof adjustment applied. I am using windows with the newest AffinityPhoto version. Thanks