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  1. Thanks for your answer Alfred! Do you know if this button appears in iPhone’s Safari? I can’t find it here. Edit: I found it now, it is on the very bottom.
  2. And I’m doing this post just to activate “notify me on replies” for this thread. Weird there isn’t a button to activate that without posting. anyway...
  3. Working with gfx apps since almost 25 years and I neeed to come here learn how to commit the liquify persona changes... (mmmm) or I’m getting old or this approach isn’t too intuitive as it should.
  4. Hi, I would like to ask if there is an easy way to alternate between the Freeze and Thaw tools on the liquify persona. If there isn't, I would like to suggest the use of the "ALT" key for that purpose. Also I noticed that on the Liquify Persona's tool bar, there are the primary and secondary color pickers, and I wonder, what is the purpose of that? thanks and keep up with the terrific work! Gustavo
  5. Hi, I see that I individual presets for Basic, Lens, Details, and Tones can be saved. I wonder if there is some way to save a single preset for all of them. Thanks!
  6. Hi, First let me say both products, Designer and Photo are amazing programs, they are truly game changers. Now I'm writing because I would like to know which is the best approach for individual color manipulation on the Dev Persona, like the HLS on the Photo persona where you can at the same time change HLS for any color range. Also besides the Overlay Brush and the Overlay Gradient, is there something like a Overlay Sampled Color Range where you can would be able to modify only the pixels that are on that color range? Thanks!