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  1. On the iPad pro 9.5 ", can not save a change, no menus visible to record as for other functions !
  2. Hi profiler, Just from Affinity Photo: Open, Media, Photo, then you see "Aperture" icon, you choose your project you see all images (with file name), you clik ...
  3. Yes, Callum; I think I will work hard with A-P. I work usually with Capture One, but I like the flexibility and power of A-P. I don't use, now A-Designer but i hope use it later. My (quasi) only regret (at this stage) is the lack of possibility of cloning brush (I have to go back to Capture One, in that case).
  4. I'm glad to see that the links work well to Aperture or Photo (with: File- Share - Media - Photo - Aperture - Project; Fichier - Partage - Media - Photo -Aperture - Projet) Yves
  5. Hi everybody, i would use a cloning brushe like in LR or C1: drag the brush and clone ... Yves