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  1. Just downloaded the newest beta update. Seems to work now
  2. Yes tried that as well. It doesn’t crash, but nothing happens when I drag and drop
  3. I tried that method and it’s still doing the same thing
  4. I using iPad Pro 12.9 operating system is iPadOS 13.2. Trying to drag just a regular jpeg and png file. IMG_4313.MP4
  5. That’s weird..because it’s not doing it for me
  6. Can you no longer drag and drop photos/files into affinity? Ive been trying to do so, but for some reason it doesnt load the image whenever i drop it on the canvas
  7. Im currently working on and iMac with 3.06 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 12 GB of Ram, Mountain Lion. Loading, developing and editing Raw files seems to take longer it should. Is there a way to smooth out the process with ram usage in the preference menu? I tried messing around with it but no result, Tone mapping and HDR seems to be a really slow process as well
  8. Hello everyone. So im new to this program and loving it so far. But what im not understanding is why are saved files so large? Im working on a simply raw file edit of a portrait I took. Only 1 adjustment layer and I did frequency separation. Saved the file as both psd and afphoto, some how both files are about 400Mb. Is there a fix to this?
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