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  1. Hi -S-, yes you are right. I did not realize that. Thanks and such important hints, should also be in the help or maybe in a video to use the different brush shapes and adjustments (meaningful workflow for which application). But now at least I know it. Greetings Dieter
  2. Hello Lee D, thanks for the hint. I had thought that such a brush is available by default I downloaded square brushes from free brushes .abr.
  3. Hello, I am looking for a way to get the clone brush angular - so that a square pattern can be added to a corner. Cloning and erasing is too complicated. Does anyone have an idea. If not, please include this in requirements. Greetings Dieter
  4. affwin

    Bug in Develop Persona?

    Hi, synonymous with Panasonic .RW2, the saturation controller has no effect. 32.bit. Greetings Dieter
  5. Hi, the keyboard shortcut can not be taken from the to Loading file with own shortcuts is ignored. Greetings Dieter
  6. @ Uwe - Danke für die Info. Yes it works. Had tried with not loaded Doku. Thank you
  7. Hello, in the .174 go the preferences - UI - Background Gray Level not. Only dark and bright. Greetings Dieter
  8. Hello, WIN7 is ok now and fast. Thanks Dieter
  9. Hello, update to .167 failed. Install ok, but when starting the program error message: The instruction in 0x7723f157 references memory 0x00000050. The read operation could not be performed in memory. " Have the .162 reinstalled -> works. System: WIN7 64, 16GB RAM Please help. Here the Setup-Files SetupUI.log Setup.log
  10. affwin

    Update error, Win 7

    Hi, not only .netframework 4.7.2 needs to be installed, but also version 3.5.1. "Hello Jon, the reference to .Net Framework was great. I only had to activate version 3.5.1 next to the latest version. Now the installation is finished and Beta .112 is up and running. Thanks again for the hint. Now I can test again. Greetings Dieter" https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/60645-not-installed-beta-109-and-112-win7/
  11. With me the .058 installed runs. Good work from the team.
  12. Hello, the beta works surprisingly well. After many tests according to the provided videos no crashes. The handling has to be practiced, but we get that. Thanks for the great work to the publisher. Very beautiful. Greetings Dieter
  13. Hi, have the beta downloaded and installed. The surface is already very appealing. I will test functions. thanks for that Dieter
  14. affwin

    Looking for books recommendation

    Look here, all 30% cheaper. https://affinity.serif.com/de/ Greetings Dieter